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Results from the NHS Diabetes Prevention

Programme shows 89,604 people have

lost a combined weight of 185,051kg -

the equivalent weight of 43 ambulances.

A lack of exercise, poor diet and

being overweight are all risk factors for

developing T2D. The programme involves

expert advice on dieting, exercise and

healthy lifestyle and is designed to stop or

delay the onset of the condition through a

range of lifestyle interventions, including:

• education on lifestyle choices

• advice on how to reduce weight

through healthier eating

• bespoke physical activity.

The programme will now double in

size to treat around 200,000 people every

year, as part of the NHS Long Term Plan.

The programme's success builds on

wider measures to tackle both Type 1 and

Type 2 diabetes in the NHS Long Term

Plan. Around 30,000 people with Type

1 diabetes have already benefited from

life-changing wearable glucose monitors

since it became more widely available on

the NHS last year.

The American Diabetes Association (ADA)

announced formal endorsement of three

bills aiming to reduce the high cost of

insulin and prescription drugs.

The Insulin Price Reduction Act will

reduce rising insulin costs by providing

incentives for manufacturers to revert the

2006 list price of all insulin products.

The Safe Step Act will remove

barriers to good diabetes management

and prevent the delay of treatment

for people with diabetes due to "step

therapy," in which a health plan can

require patients to try a drug before they

pay for one prescribed by the patient's

healthcare provider.

The Chronic Condition Copay

Elimination Act will remove copays for

certain items and services to treat chronic


"More than 5,000 bills and resolutions

are introduced annually into Congress,

and if we want to truly help people with

diabetes thrive, we must cut to the chase

and make it clear which bills truly impact

their lives," said Tracey D. Brown, CEO of

the American Diabetes Association (ADA).

Tandem Diabetes Care has launched the

t:slim X2 insulin pump with Control-IQ

technology, an advanced hybrid-closed

loop feature designed to help increase

time in range. It is the first and only system

cleared to deliver automatic correction

boluses in addition to adjusting insulin to

help prevent high and low blood sugar.

The system integrates with Dexcom

G6 continuous glucose monitoring

(CGM), which requires no fingersticks

for calibration or diabetes treatment


The company will soon send emails

with update instructions to all in-warranty

t:slim X2 users in the US, who have the

option to add the new feature free of

charge via a remote software update.

t:slim X2 pumps pre-loaded with

Control-IQ technology are now shipping

to new customers.


A scientific journal

that published a

controversial study

encouraging people

to continue eating

red and processed

meat has issued a correction about

funding the author received for different


The paper, which appeared in the

October 2019 edition of Annals of Internal

Medicine, included guidelines based on

analyses of existing research. It suggested

"adults continue current unprocessed

red meat … (and) processed meat


Concerned medical and nutritional

researchers said the guidelines

misrepresented studies that show a

connection between eating red and

processed meats and adverse health

outcomes, such as heart disease, cancer

or Type 2 diabetes.

Then, on 31 December 2019, the

journal issued a correction that the study's

lead author, Bradley Johnston, failed to

disclose grant funding received from Texas

A&M AgriLife Research for other research

on saturated and polyunsaturated fats.

Last year, Texas A&M AgriLife received

$11.4 million for research on beef, $4

million of which was non-corporate or

corporate sponsored.

"The decision to publish the articles

in the first place raised major scientific

concerns. But the failure to address the

ethical issues in publishing regarding

conflict of interest aggravates the

situation," Dr Neal Barnard, President of

the Physicians Committee for Responsible

Medicine, said.

"The big theme here is science is

supposed to clarify issues," he said.

"More and more, scientists are being paid

for hire to muddy the issues."




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