Nemaura diabetes technology, sugarBEAT CGM, continuous glucose monitoring


"sugarBEAT is soon

expected to be available

on-line for purchase

directly by consumers on

a subscription basis, selffunded by people with

diabetes who want to be

able to access their blood

glucose data in an easy,

pain-free way.

- Nemaura Medical SVP

Fred Schaebsdau


device. RIGHT: sugarBEAT

sensor with transmitter

worn on the arm with

glucose data seen via an

app on a smartphone.

Nemaura Medical is also providing a digital

offering to users. The company have

stated that this is designed as "a holistic

solution under the brand BEATdiabetes,

for the prevention and management

of diabetes through partnering and

developing services including apps

to track and provide personal lifestyle

recommendations to patients according

to their glucose levels. Alarms can be

set that will show in the app, or a text

message can be sent to the user's mobile

phone that predicts a high or a low based

on the rate of change of the glucose

readings going up or down. There will be

1:1 coaching and routine measurement

of other parameters, such as steps

and sleep, that allow improved disease

management through monitoring. With

our link up with the Changing Health app,

and it is expected that people will even be

given personalised nutritional information.

The company hopes to expand that

offering further in the future."

The sugarBEAT sensors will be

calibrated with at least one finger-stick

calibration being needed daily wear.

While initially aimed at adult T2s, later

trials will look at children gestational

use. T1's can also use the device as an

adjunct to fingerstick testing, and the

non-consecutive days use means the

large majority of T1's that do not use

CGMs can now check their daily glucose

profiles as and when they desire. In terms

of accuracy, the criteria used for sensors

is the MARD standard (Mean absolute

relative difference) and more recent

MARD reliability index (MRI). sugarBEAT's

MARD rating is 12.3, with a single finger

prick calibration and 11.9 with two finger

stick calibrations. Libre launched when its

MARD rating was 13.3.

Watch this space

This is going to be interesting, and we'll

report on it further as things progress. It's

about time Type 2s got a look in.


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