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ne of the members of

the Funky Pumpers

team who really

knows her way around

diabetes kit is Hannah

Dring. She was diagnosed in 1995

when she was four years old. She can't

remember much about what happened at

the time but knows that her mother took

her to hospital and that she had all the

usual signs of having Type 1 Diabetes.

However, she is the first person in her

family to have developed the condition.

She's now 29 and can look back on

more than 20 years of injecting and blood


Jones' own experience with Type 1

diabetes came about when her son Adam

developed the condition at the age of 14.

He is now also in his 20s.

Regarding her current job, Dring

recalls, "I have five-year-old twins and had

been looking for a local office job. I saw an

advert saying that knowledge of Type 1

diabetes would be a bonus. I rang up and

ended up meeting with Mike and Debbie,

who took me on as office administrator.

I started off just fulfilling orders from the

website but now I pretty much do a bit

of everything, dealing with suppliers,

sourcing new products, looking after

website redesigns and so on."

A small team keeps the Funky

Pumpers office on the go, with plenty

of diabetes lifestyle accessories being

available from the website.

Another team member, Laura Nelson



Diabetes is a way of life for most of the folks

at online supplies company Funky Pumpers.

The company is run by Debbie Jones and Mike

O'Brien nearly all the people who work there

either have Type 1 diabetes themselves or have it

in the family.

Hannah Dring and her twins Josh and Paige.


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