Dexcom CGM G6, continuous glucose monitoring


G6, Dexcom

The Dexcom G6 CGM system is the

only CGM to meet American Federal

Drugs Administration (FDA)'s strict CGM

standards of accuracy. The G6 works via

an app on your phone, so you don't have

to carry an extra device around as well.

The easy-to-insert sensor lasts 10 days

and requires zero fingersticks, i.e. no

calibration is required. It's the only CGM

to currently be licenced for treatment

decisions (e.g. an insulin dose) based on

a sensor reading.

Dexcom G6 comes with a suite of

eight customisable alerts and alarms

including a predictive low alert, Urgent

Low Soon, which can warn of an

impending hypo up to 20 minutes before

it hits. Customisable alerts mean that

there's multiple sound options and two

schedules, either for day/night or school/

weekend. There are two free partner

apps - Follow and Clarity. Follow provides

real-time glucose data sharing with up to

five other people (HCPs, family). Clarity

provides trends, reports, and can even

make treatment suggestions. The starter

kit (three 10-day sensors and one 90-

day transmitter) costs £159, and the

Subscribe and Save monthly subscription

costs £159 per month (in actuality you get

shipments every three months containing

one transmitter and nine sensors).

RIGHT (L-R): a Dexcom

inserter, reader, sensor,

mobile phone app and

sensor date seen on a

Apple iPhone.

ABOVE: Dexcom has announced a new

partnership with the Tandem t:Slim insulin

pump from Air Liquide in the UK.


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