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Dexcom Partners with Tandem Diabetes

Care on the t:slim X2 insulin pump in the

UK, Sweden, Italy and Spain. Dexcom's

CGM system, combined with Tandem's

Basal-IQ technology, predicts and

prevents hypos while at the same time

having no requirement for 'fingerstick'


Tandem's t:slim X2 insulin pump with

Basal-IQ technology uses Dexcom G6

CGM readings to predict glucose levels

30 minutes ahead and suspend insulin

delivery when glucose is predicted to go

low. Insulin delivery resumes as soon as

sensor glucose values begin to rise. Use

of the integrated system reduced the

time spent below 3.9mmol/L (70 mg/

dL) by 31% compared to use of a CGMintegrated pump without automated

insulin suspension.

Furthermore, with the Dexcom G6

app, users can share their glucose

information with up to five people.

Whether you are a parent of a child with

diabetes or an adult, the Dexcom G6 lets

you seamlessly keep track of glucose

levels and enables the user's care team to

remotely monitor their loved ones for extra

peace of mind.

You are invited to take part in a research

study, Evaluating a Diabetes Specific

Online CBT Intervention

Ieso Digital Health IS running a

study to evaluate an online, diabetes

specific, cognitive behavioural therapy

(CBT) intervention for people with Type 2


You are free to decide whether or not

to take part in this study and if you decide

to participate you may change your mind

at any time.

Overview: There is a strong evidence

base that supports the effectiveness of

cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) for

patients with a diagnosis of diabetes

(type 1 and type 2) who also suffer from

a common mental health disorder such

as anxiety or depression. Both anxiety

and depression can have a significant

impact on an individual's ability to manage

their diabetes and therefore successful

treatment of these common mental health

conditions can positively affect a person's

physical and mental health.

CBT is traditionally delivered face-toface but currently

there are not enough

therapists to provide treatment for all

the people who would

benefit from it. One

method of delivering

CBT via an online

therapist. Around

20,000 NHS patients

have already had

CBT using this online

method and we know

that people are just as

likely to get better using

online CBT as they

are using face-to face

methods. This study

will help us understand

whether online methods

of delivering CBT help

people who have Type 2 diabetes and

anxiety or depression.

Anyone, over the age of 18 who has

type 2 diabetes, for 12 months or more,

and has also experienced any symptoms

of low mood or anxiety is invited to

participate in this study.

Register your interest by following the link:

registration.iesohealth/cbt4diabetes Can CBT help with T2D?

Take part in a study to find



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