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The dad of a diabetic relates his endeavours in trying to pin

down diabetes technology definitions for a dictionary listing

and explaining terms from COB (carbs on board) and 'door

handle moment' to TIR (time in range) and xDrip.

A dictionary of diabetes tech


evin Winchcombe

describes himself an

IT geek, but above

everything, he says, he

is 'proud to call myself

a diabetes dad'. His daughter Amy was

diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2010

at the age of 10. Winchcombe has since

become an active member of the Diabetes

Online Community (DOC) on Twitter and

Facebook. He is also a peer supporter for

Hampshire-based Sugarbuddies, and is

also a contributor at

In January 2015 Winchcombe

became involved with the DIY medical

technology solution known as Nightscout,

being one of the first people in the UK to

build an xDrip device. He, his daughter

and colleagues from the Nightscout

UK support team went on to give many

presentations to a wide range of people

with diabetes and diabetes healthcare

professionals in order to spread

understanding of what Nightscout is

(also known as the #wearenotwaiting

movement) and the idea of do-it-yourself

artificial pancreas systems (DIY APS), the

users of which tend to just call it 'looping'.

Meanwhile at www.t1resources.

uk it became apparent that as diabetes

tech came on leaps and bounds,

there was going to be a need for some

sort of glossary or dictionary of terms

used, otherwise many folk would not

understand what was being talked about.

Winchcombe says, "It seemed like a

good project and surely it would only take

a day or two, right? Writing the website

for the dictionary was no problem at all,

however getting all the definitions live

was. I thought there would only be 50 or

so, but we currently stand at nearly 300.

I've also added some terms just for fun. It

will continue to be added to and evolve."

In a word

Click the link at the end of the article to

see the work in progress. When you click

through, you will see on the left is the most

recent terms added to the dictionary, plus

a random term that anyone visiting the

site can learn about. Winchcombe says,

"If there are any terms not listed, click the

'Want us to add a new definition?' link

and say what you would like to find out

about. If there are any definitions that you

think are wrong, click the icon to the right

of each explanation and let me know what

to change."

Clearly, as new technologies come

about new terminologies will also appear,

and from these phrases that users prefer

start to be created, like 'looping'. So

this project is likely to be one that needs

continual updating. But if you ever come

across a word or acronym that you

just don't have a clue about, check out

Winchcombe's online reference tool and

likely as not you'll get an explanation.

Kevin Winchcombe prior to a presentation about DIY APS

at the Royal College of Physicians in Edinburgh.



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