Medtronic Minimed 670G hybrid closed loop insulin pump


ENLITE, Medtronic

Medtronic's CGM (Continuous Glucose

Monitoring) system, powered by Guardian

Sensor 3 and Guardian Link 3 Transmitter.

Medtronic's latest CGM system is

compatible with both its MiniMed 640G

and MiniMed 670G insulin delivery

systems. The latter drives Medtronic's

SmartGuard suspend before low and

Auto Mode feature. SmartGuard is a

low glucose suspend feature designed

to help people who may have a fear

of hypoglycaemia or hypoglycaemia

unawareness. This suspension of insulin

delivery can be set for when the glucose

levels are predicted to hit the low limit in

the next 30 minutes or set to when the

glucose levels hit the low limit. With the

MiniMed 670G Insulin Pump System

SmartGuard can be set to Auto Mode,

a technology automatically adjusts your

basal insulin delivery based on your sensor

glucose (SG) values (i.e. is a 'closed loop'


Diagnostic calibrations are needed

to further improve sensor accuracy and

reliability. The sensor is the company's

most accurate to date; a MARD* of 8.7%

has been reported when worn on the

upper arm.

The Guardian Link 3 is compatible

with the Guardian Sensor 3 and powers

SmartGuard on both the MiniMed 640G

and MiniMed 670G systems. Medtronic

CGM transmitters have a one-year

warranty (if you are using a Guardian

2 Link with Enlite sensors and your

transmitter is more than a year old, speak

to your healthcare team to update to

Guardian Link 3).

Enlite sensors are used with

Medtronic's Guardian 2 Link CGM

Transmitter and with Medtronic's real

time standalone CGM system - Guardian

Connect - for those who use multiple

continued over

daily injections (MDI), so not just

for pump users.

Self-funding of sensors for

standalone use starts at £199/

month for a year, aimed at those

on MDI. If self-funding for use with

a Medtronic 640g or 670g insulin

pump, there are two options.

One is based on continuous

use, where a box of five sensors

is £210 (more than 20% off

standard price of £275). Or, for

non-continuous use, £236 per

box (14% discount). Sensors last

seven days.

*MARD is a mean absolute relative

difference; a more recent MARD reliability

index (MRI) has been set up to monitor

sensor accuracy claims.


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