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Nemaura Medical and Changing Health

have announced a partnership to provide

award-winning diabetes behavioural

change services. The companies will

join forces to provide innovative digital

education and personalized coaching

to enhance outcomes for people with

diabetes and prediabetes.

Nemaura Medical is a medical

technology company set to launch a

new CGM product, sugarBEAT. This is a

non-invasive continuous glucose monitor

(CGM), together with BEATdiabetes, a

health subscription service designed to

help people with diabetes and prediabetes

by offering lifestyle coaching.

The partnership with Changing Health

will bring digital behaviour programs

to improve the management, reversal

and prevention of Type 2 diabetes

commencing with the UK and Ireland.

Changing Health is a provider of digital

coaching services to the NHS England

aimed at the prevention or reversal of Type

2 diabetes.

The partnership will use CGM data

and daily glucose trend data provided by

Arecor Ltd has signed a Research,

Development and Commercialisation

agreement with JDRF, the leading global

organisation funding Type 1 diabetes (T1D)

research.Under this collaboration, Arecor

and JDRF will contribute matching funds

to develop a stable, liquid co-formulation

of pramlintide and insulin (AT271).

It has been demonstrated that the

combined injection of pramlintide and

insulin at meal-times results in significantly

improved treatment outcomes, such as

enhanced post prandial glucose control,

improved HbA1c, weight loss and

concomitant reduction in insulin doses.

Currently pramlintide is underutilised

despite these significant benefits as it

requires the patient to administer daily

injections in addition to their insulin

injections. Therefore, combination

treatment, AT271, should reduce the

burden of use by providing a single

injection treatment option for pramlintide

and prandial insulin.

Arecor will use its proprietary

formulation technology platform, Arestat,

to develop a new, co-formulation of

pramlintide and insulin, which will include

non-clinical studies to develop a new

product. This contract will be managed

under the JDRF standard terms for

industry partnerships.

JDRF scientist Jonathan Rosen, PhD,

said: "Arecor's expertise in enhancing

current therapies supports our drive to

target life-changing breakthroughs to help

people better manage Type 1 diabetes

and ultimately find cures for the disease.

An insulin-pramlintide co-formulation

will allow people with type 1 diabetes to

achieve better glucose control, improving

quality of life and in all likelihood ultimately

reducing long-term complications."

Nemaura's sugarBEAT CGM combined

with Changing Health's evidence based

digital health coaching solution to reduce

both HbA1c and weight loss.

The collaboration with Changing

Health is one of a number of initiatives

Nemaura has embarked upon as it seeks

to improve how people with diabetes

and prediabetes can manage, reverse

and prevent Type 2 diabetes through its

BEATdiabetes health subscription service

coupled with sugarBEAT CGM.

Professor Mike Trenell, Founder &

Chairman at Changing Health, said: "This

is an exciting collaboration, which we

believe will empower people with Type

2 diabetes with a real-time view of how

they're managing their condition. Doing

this each day is the best motivator there

can be, and we're looking forward to

working with Nemaura to create positive

behavioural change at scale."

See our Kit That's Coming Soon

article on p.26 for more info on



On World Diabetes Day in November

2019 the Steve Morgan Foundation

made a further charitable pledge of £1m

to support Type 1 diabetes research.

Businessman and philanthropist

Steve Morgan, and his wife Sally, who is a

trustee of the Foundation, had their family

life impacted by Type 1 diabetes in 2017

when Sally's son, Hugo, was diagnosed

with the condition at the age of seven.

The Morgan family has committed to

making a difference and funding research

so that advances towards finding a cure

can be made.

The foundation had already pledged

£3m to JDRF's mission to cure the

condition. The additional £1m pledge came

as the Morgans attended the Sugarplum

Dinner in London. The pledge will help

fund JDRF's research programme, which

includes immunotherapy studies the aim

of which is to reset the immune system

response seen in T1D. The research

programme also includes 'smart' insulin

research, which could allow people with

T1D to have just one injection a week,

instead of several a day. The pledge

will also enable JDRF to accelerate vital

clinical trials and ensures research can be

boosted in an attempt to cure T1D, and to

enhance current technologies, helping to

make them available on the NHS.


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