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Early this summer, Insulet Corporation has announced that

it would be establishing direct operations for its Omnipod

System across Europe. That means that the company will

be taking over the distribution, sales, marketing, training and

support for the Omnipod System across Europe once its

agreement with Ypsomed ends at the end of June 2018. The

two companies will work closely to ensure continuity of care for Omnipod users.

In the UK, the Omnipod System is the same product as mylife OmniPod but has

always been manufactured by Insulet. Current users can be assured that this transition

will not affect the supply of your Omnipod products with Ypsomed continuing to operate

as the point of contact during the transition period. You will be given advance notification

of any changes to the ordering process to ensure continuity of care.

Shacey Petrovic is Insulet's President and Chief Operating Officer. She says, "This is

a natural step forward for Insulet, as we work to expand the reach of Omnipod to benefit

more people living with insulin-dependent diabetes around the world. We have a strong

leadership team in Europe with the skills and experience to support the Omnipod System

We look forward to building on our existing relationships and developing new ones within

the European diabetes community."

Check this website for information and updates:


Researchers at

Leeds Beckett


are seeking


with Type 1

diabetes to take

part in a new

study looking

to determine

whether omega-3

supplements can improve the day-to-day

management of Type 1 diabetes. The

study is led by Dr Matthew Campbell,

and conducted by Lauren O'Mahoney,

who both are researchers in the Diabetes

Research Team in the Institute of Sport,

Physical Activity, and Leisure at Leeds

Beckett. The researchers are looking to

recruit male and female volunteers, who

are living with Type 1 diabetes, treated

using insulin injections or an insulin pump,

and aged between 18 and 65 years.

O'Mahoney explains, "Research that

we have conducted has revealed that

omega-3 fatty acids, which are found

in the diet, can reduce cardiovascular

disease risk in people living with Type 2

diabetes. However, there is simply not

enough evidence to say with confidence

whether these positive effects are

transferable to people with Type 1

diabetes; this is what our study seeks

to discover. We hope that the findings of

the study will benefit people with Type 1

diabetes by providing new strategies to

improve day-to-day and long-diabetes


For more information about taking image to download

a brochure, or contact O'Mahoney on


Christmas grows, we recognise that it can be a difficult time for people who have Type

1 or Type 2 diabetes, especially if it is their first Christmas with diabetes. It can be a time

of temptation, unpredictable or delayed meals, extra nibbles, excitement and stress, all

of which can make managing their diabetes more of a problem.

The IDDT charity has published a new booklet, Diabetes at Christmas, to help

families who live with the condition. It gives various options for Christmas dinners, a

recipe for homemade, lower carbohydrate and calorie Christmas pudding and many

other tips. We also have a booklet, 'Diabetes - Everyday Eating' and we hope thatenquiries@iddtinternational.orglp to make life easier over the festive season.

Contact IDDT on

Challenge your colleagues to hike the famous Thames Ridgeway on 19 May 2018 and

raise money to help cure Type 1 diabetes. This event is a brand new addition to the

JDRF Trail Challenge series, which included South Downs and Hadrian's Wall earlier this

year. There are two distances on offer - take your pick from the 20km or 40km circuit

across the beautiful Thames Ridgeway and Chiltern hills. This exclusive trail challenge will

take you along two of the UK's most spectacular National Trails; the Thames Footpath

and The Ridgeway. Starting and finishing in the village of Cholsey, this spectacular

trekking route will take you along a stunning section of the River Thames, through quaint

Oxfordshire villages and then a section of the prehistoric Ridgeway, Britain's oldest road".



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