Brindisa Spanish foods




Food, booze and hampers to inspire the most

fabulous of festivities!


n Spain, the word 'brindis'

means to raise a glass

in celebration. Brindisa's

Christmas range includes

sourced cheeses, charcuterie

and other edible regional delicacies.

World-renowned acorn-fed Ibérico

Ham on the bone has a sweet and nutty

flavour. For those looking to save time

in the kitchen without compromising

on quality, a wide range of pre-sliced

charcuterie (hand carved ham, chorizo

and salchichón) come ready to serve,

saving on the slicing.

There are also two spreadable soft

cured meats. Majorcan Pork Negre

Sobrasada (hot or mild) is a meaty,

rich sausage made with paprika with a

melting texture and pleasant smokiness

Arte Monte's Potted Morcilla is gently

seasoned with aniseed, salt, cinnamon,

black pepper, clove, cayenne and a touch

of oregano - perfect festive flavours. Both

cured meats are incredibly versatile and

pair particularly well with honey for a

deliciously simple tapas-inspired canapé.

Brindisa lists 60 different artisanal

cheeses, including crowd-pleasers such

as the 1605 cured Manchego wedge

that's aged for 11 months and the bestselling

goats' cheese, Monte Enebro.

There are also some Sweet Treats such

as Chocolate Fine Leaves with Salt -

bittersweet dark chocolates packaged

in tins decorated with a range of original

art nouveau posters created for the

company. £5.50 for a 60g tin. There are

Marc de Cava Liqueur Chocolate Flowers,




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