Making Carbs Count swedes, think vegetables


recipe overleaf

plant where it is also known as Swedish

turnip or yellow turnip. The term swede

is used instead of rutabaga in many

Commonwealth nations, although in the

UK turnip is used in parts of north and

middle England and in the West country,

(particularly Cornwall). In England, swede

is sometimes boiled together with carrots

and served mashed with butter and

pepper. Despite its popularity elsewhere,

the rutabaga is considered a food of last

resort in both Germany and France due

to its association with food shortages in

World War I and World War II.


Basic mashed Swede

Needs: 1kg swedes, top and tailed,

peeled and cut into 2cm cubes, 2 bay

leaves, salt. Cover the swede with cold

water. Add the bay leaves and some salt.

Gently bring to the boil. Simmer for about

20 30 minutes, or until tender. Drain well

(reserve the cooking water if doing the

recipe overleaf). Return the dice to the

pan over a very low heat for a few minutes

to evaporate any excess water, taking

care that they don't burn or stick. Mash

until coarse. Blending in a food processor

is faster, less of a chore and will give you a

smoother purée. It will never be silken, so

lightly lumpen is all part of the charm. At

this point, for a standard mashed swede

you would beat in some butter, nutmeg

and white pepper. Mashed swede can be

used to top a shepherd's pie, and pieces

of swede are also used in classic Cornish

pasties. Use this mash as a basis for

the recipe overleaf.


100g cooked swede typically


11 kcals

0.3g protein

0.1g fat

2.3g carbohydrate

0.7g fibre


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