International Diabetes Federation World Diabetes Day 2017






A brief review of a few of the things that

happened this year to help raise awareness.

The International Diabetes Federation

(IDF) promotes the annual World Diabetes

Day and this year focused on women's

health, stating that 1 in 10 women are

living with diabetes, though across

the world many do not have access to

education, treatment and care. They also

supplied an app that meant users could

include the WDD's 'blue circle' symbol, to

add to selfies and share around. It is still

downloadable from



The company showed its support for

the World Diabetes Day 2017 theme,

Women and Diabetes, by publishing

30 portraits of inspiring women from 28

countries who are making significant

contributions to advancing diabetes

care around the world. These portraits

have been individually painted by hand

on tablet devices and were published

on social media throughout WDD. The

notable women featured in this campaign

include patients, healthcare professionals,

scientists, journalists, bloggers, caregivers

and employees from Ascensia Diabetes

Care and partner company Panasonic

Healthcare. The full set of portraits is

available at


Dexcom UK marked its one-year

anniversary of operating in Edinburgh.

The city was chosen one year ago as the

company's European and Middle Eastern

headquarters due to its huge pool of talent

from medical, commercial and technical

access fields. Drawing on this talent,

Dexcom's staff base has grown to more

than 100 today and is still expanding. To

celebrate its first anniversary, the company

fundraised by cycling 100km at its head

office and donated £1,000 to INPUT, the

patient advocacy charity.


The company has expanded its Kids

and Diabetes in School (KiDS) program,

part of its Access Accelerated Initiative,

an educational program, developed with

the IDF and the International Society

for Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes

(ISPAD) that aims to foster supportive

school environments that create a better

understanding of diabetes. It provides a

toolkit for teachers, school nurses and

other staff, school children (6-14 years old)

and parents to help them manage their

condition and combat the stigma that can

come with it while raising awareness of

the benefits of healthy diets and physical

activity to help prevent children from

developing Type 2 diabetes.

The toolkit is in nine languages and

has so far reached 45,000 children in

India, Brazil, Pakistan and UAE. The

program is being expanded this year

to countries where the incidence of the

disease is rising fastest, such as Poland

and Egypt.

This year Sanofi presented a digital

campaign designed to remind the world

that #Every1Matters - and that anything

is possible with diabetes.


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