Fleur Brown, Beat Chronic Diseases, the nutrition solution




Fleur Brown is a nutritionist specialising in treating chronic diseases

including diabetes, hypertension and Crohn's Disease. In her new book,

Beat Chronic Disease: The Nutrition Solution, she includes nine top tips

to improve insulin sensitivity.


ype 2 diabetes is

primarily a disease

of insulin resistance,

when the cells become

insensitive to the effects

of insulin. Insulin is needed to facilitate

the uptake of glucose into the cells but

if your cells are resistant to insulin, they

will not be able to take glucose from

your blood into them, thus causing an

increase of glucose in the blood and a

diagnosis of diabetes.

According to Brown, a two-pronged

strategy is required. One is to reduce

blood glucose levels and the other is to

reduce insulin resistance. Says Brown,

"This can be achieved by eating an

appropriate diet and doing moderate

regular exercise to help make the cells

more sensitive to insulin, thereby reducing

the amount of glucose circulating in the

blood. Taking the steps below can help

lessen the risk of developing Type 2

diabetes if you are pre-diabetic, lessen the

progression of diabetes or even in some

cases, reverse it."

Nine Steps to Improving

Insulin Sensitivity

1. If you are taking insulin do regular blood

tests and adjust your daily dose with help

of your GP or diabetes nurse.

2. Eat a low carbohydrate diet as carbs

ultimately turn into glucose in the blood.

Limit your daily intake to one slice of rye

bread or two sugar-free oatcakes with

breakfast OR lunch. Cut out breakfast

cereals, and have one serving of grains

such as a cup of brown rice/wholegrain

pasta/quinoa with dinner. Only eat starchy

veggies such as potatoes a couple of

times per week. You could try mashed or

roasted cauliflower instead of mashed or

roast potatoes, courgette spirals instead

of pasta, and sliced aubergines as an

alternative pizza base.

3. Eat good fats. Half an avocado and a

handful of unsalted nuts daily, drizzle a

good amount of Extra Virgin Olive Oil on

salads and veggies and enjoy oily fish four

times per week. This can include tinned

sardines/mackerel in olive oil, smoked

mackerel, wild salmon (smoked or fresh),

and fresh herrings, trout, sardines and

mackerel. Eat small amounts of good

quality dairy such as full fat natural organic

Greek yoghurt, cheeses and grass-fed


4. Cook with the right fats. Use coconut

oil, duck and goose fat, lard, grass-fed

butter and extra virgin olive oil (the latter

two should never be heated to smoking

or burning point).


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