Medtronic's My Pump Choice hub





A new resource helps people pick the perfect pump for their needs.

Insulin pump 'showcases' are fairly

common practice among diabetes teams

across the country, where patients are

invited to come along to an afternoon

or evening meeting to find out more

about starting on an insulin pump and/or

choosing which insulin pump they would

like to go on to. A variety of insulin pump

manufacturers are usually invited to come

along and the patients spend the meeting

working their way round each to ask

questions and work out which would be

best for them to use.

Medtronic's My Pump Choice

programme was born out of our

experiences at these insulin pump

showcases and the feedback that the

company had from some people who

attended them who sometimes left an

event feeling more confused than when

they started. The website, while presented

by Medtronic, is designed not to 'sell' their

pump system but to encourage people

to ask the right questions about which

pump to go on, thereby supporting their

decision making process to give them the

confidence that their decision is the right

one for them, no matter which system

they choose.

The website holds information,

downloads and worksheets to help

people think about their own lifestyle and

which pump might suit them best. There

are also comparison charts and guides to

help them when they come along on the

day and look at all of the different insulin

pumps and pump companies.

There is also a simple but useful guide

to continuous glucose monitoring (CGM)

and how the NHS funds it.

Medtronic is supporting this Hub

because the company knows how

daunting it can be for people to choose

which Insulin Pump they should have and

understand that one size does not fit all,

that different people have different needs

and wants. We have tried hard to be as

impartial as we can to help narrow down

all of the information that is out there.


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