Craved craft British food and Flaming Licks fiery foods


Licks and kicks

Craved, curators of craft British food

and drink, works exclusively with the

best British small-batch producers. Their

Christmas Selection has 100% British,

hand-made treats, all wrapped in gift bags

or in Craved's bespoke wooden crates.

The 'Beer Meat Hot' (from £29) celebrates

beer, meat and heat with craft beers, top

notch sauces and fiery biltong. Party in

your Pantry (from £33) has everything the

culinarily creative needs to enhance their

favourite dishes, and take their pantry up

a notch, like giving classic meatballs a

smoky kick with Chipotle in Adobo made

by The Cool Chile Co (top right).

Flaming Licks, the world's premier

fiery foods club delivers bites from

the best quality British and European

producers, many not readily available

in supermarkets, direct to your door

wherever that may be in the world. Each

monthly subscription box will ensure spicy

food fans are never without their fix. Sign

your self or your friend or family up to a

choice of subscriptions to include one,

three, six or twelve deliveries during the

year. Snackers can get their chompers

around the Munch Box subscription (from

£8.99 per month including free shipping

to the UK). The newly launched Hot Shots

pack means each month one selected

hot sauce producer will pick their finest

top three products to fill a triple pack of

41ml shots - adding a dash of excitement

to any meal. Subscribers can join the

Facebook community for reviews, share

recipe ideas and learn more about the

producers and their creations. Plus, they

will also receive a further 15% discount for

the online shop (bottom right).

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