Making Carbs Count swedes


A reminder of what can be gleaned from reading a label and how

carbs and sugars are different.


Swedes are round in shape

and have a purple-green

skin, and the flesh is yellowyorange,

with a sweet, earthy

flavour. Look for ones with

smooth, unblemished skins; smaller

swedes have a sweeter flavour and a more

tender texture. They can keep in the fridge

for up to one week.

Swede is the traditional

accompaniment to haggis, eaten in

Scotland on Burns night, where they are

known as neeps (derived from 'turnips',

which is what swedes get called as you

go further up the country).

Swede needs to be cooked, it's not

nice raw (only the Finns eat it uncooked

and thinly julienned as a side dish or in a

salad). Scrub and peel swede taking off

tough skin and roots then cut into evensized chunks.

Once cooked (allow a good

half hour for this in boiling water), it can

can be served mashed with butter (and

maybe some nutmeg, black pepper or

even some horseradish) as a side dish,

an alternative to potato mash or added to

potato mash (tatties and neeps, if you're

Scottish). It can also be added, diced, to

winter stews and casseroles. It can also

be roasted in fat around a joint of meat.

Riverford (organic farmers) have five

seasonal swede recipes including Swede,

celeriac and carrots braised in olive oil;

Swede, leek and bacon gratin; Swede,

leek and apple bake; Roasted swede with

maple syrup; and butter-browned braised



Also known as

Wikipedia tells us that Rutabaga is the

common North American term for the



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