Neuropad diabetes footcare


Hello, we're neuropad®

Our aim is to help your feet stay healthy through early

at-home screening and clinically-proven treatment

neuropad® is non-invasive, completely painless

and can be done at home in just 10 minutes


1. The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists. Diabetes and your feet; A guide to maintaining healthy feet for

people with diabetes: 16-19. Available at

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2. Tentolouris et al. Moisture status of the skin of the feet assessed by the visual test

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Take our 10-Minute

Test to see if your

feet are healthy

and happy


Why may people with diabetes experience problems with their feet?

In a person with diabetes, sustained high blood glucose levels over a long

period of time can cause damage to the nerve systems in the body, including

those in your feet. 1

neuropad® tests for insuffi cient sweating which is an

early sign of nerve damage, putting feet at risk of

ulceration. The pad starts off blue and should turn

completely pink after 10 minutes' application. If any blue

remains, this indicates that your feet are not producing

enough sweat (anhydrosis) - medically, this is known

as sudomotoric dysfunction. 2

Higher levels of self-compassion

were typically associated with improved

self-management behaviour, medical

outcomes and psychological well-being in

adults with diabetes mellitus. The present

findings suggest that self-compassion

may be a treatment target in itself. Future

interventions and consultations with

medical professionals may benefit from

fostering self-compassion in people with



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