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Spiced swede and

onion beignets with

lime pickle yoghurt

(serves 4)


1 large onion, peeled and finely sliced

100ml swede cooking water/plain water

25g butter

½ tsp turmeric

1½ tsp garam masala

¼ tsp cayenne pepper

50g plain flour, sifted

2 eggs

1 egg yolk

300g mashed swede

A handful of fresh coriander, chopped

Oil, for frying

1 tbsp lime pickle, chopped into a paste

3 tbsp plain yoghurt



1. Gently fry the onion for 20-30 minutes

until it has collapsed and become very

soft. Allow it to take on a little golden

colour but be careful not to let it burn.

Add a dash of water every so often if it

looks like doing so.

2 Meanwhile, heat the cooking water

with the butter, spices and a generous

seasoning of salt and pepper until just

simmering. Add the flour, then mix

vigorously with a wooden spoon until

smooth, completely combined and

pulling away cleanly from the side of the

pan. Set aside for 5 minutes. Beat in the

eggs and yolk, one at a time with a stiff

whisk or in a food mixer, making sure

one is very well combined before adding

the next, until you have a glossy paste.

Recipe from The Guardian by Rob Andrews,

image by Dan Jones




Carb Count

Cauliflower has a low glycaemic index and

approximately 5g carbs per 100g serving.

3 Drain the slow cooked onions of any

liquid and oil. Fold into the choux pastry

along with the mashed swede. Cover the

mix with cling film and refrigerate, for a

few hours ideally.

4 Meanwhile, add the pickle to the

yoghurt, plus some oil from the jar.

5 Add enough oil to reach a depth of

50mm in a high-sided pan. Heat the oil

to 180C/350F, or until a cube of bread

browns in less than a minute.

6 Mix the coriander into the chilled

dough. Shape a spoonful of mix between

two spoons until it looks like an egg. The

mix will be quite wet so the shaping will

be a little imperfect. Scrape the shaped

mix carefully into the oil, then repeat.

7 Fry in batches of up to 5 at a time,

for 3-4 minutes until golden and crisp,

turning halfway through. Drain on kitchen

paper, then keep warm in a low oven

while you cook the next batch.

8 Serve warm, with the yoghurt dip.


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