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In early June at the American Diabetes

Association's 77th Scientific Sessions,

data was presented from three studies

that assessed the accuracy and analytical

performance of blood glucose monitoring

systems (BGMS) and continuous glucose

monitoring (CGM) systems. In two studies,

both the Contour Next One and Contour

Plus One systems from Ascensia were

shown to be highly accurate, even when

either of the blood test meters was used

for the first time by some people, proving

they are easy to use as well as accurate,

fulfilling the user performance criteria of

ISO 15197:2013, with 100% of results

for the Contour Next One in the hands

of lay-users fell within the accepted ISO


For people living with Type 1 diabetes and

some people living with Type 2, injecting

insulin is a daily undertaking. John Sjölund,

who has lived with Type 1 diabetes for more

than 30 years, founded Timesulin along

with his brother. The company makes a

pen cap that tracks your last insulin dose

(see above). The timer, which you attach

to the top of your insulin pen counts from

the time of your last injection. It counts up

from zero to a maximum of 100 hours.

The Timesulin Timer Cap is the original

product, with a new edition launched for

all Novo Nordisk FlexTouch pens. The next

step for the company is to build a cap that

can connect to smartphones. Timesulin is

hoping to file for regulatory approval of that

device later in 2017.


accuracy criteria. However, all results

provided by all systems were found to be

clinically acceptable. Dr. Guido Freckmann*

commenting on the results says, "The

accuracy of blood glucose monitoring

systems continues to be critical for people

with diabetes. They must be able to trust

the readings they receive to enable them

to make the correct decisions for the

management of their condition. To achieve

comparable performance in the hands of

people with diabetes and HCPs, blood

glucose monitoring systems should be easy

to use and resistant to errors."

The Contour Next One system is

available in the U.K and is designed to

connect via Bluetooth technology to the

Contour Diabetes app, which is available

for download from the Apple App

Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android).

*Dr. Guido Freckmann (Institut für

Diabetes-Technologie Forschungs- und

Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH)

** ISO 15197:2013 (in vitro diagnostic test

systems -- Requirements for blood-glucose

monitoring systems for self-testing in

managing diabetes mellitus)



Palmdoc, previously known as iCare

Medical, offers two blood test meters.

Palmdoc 1 (above) and Palmdoc 2

(below). The second meter is a speaking

meter (you can choose the language from

a list). It tells you to insert the strip, to apply

the blood to the strip, what the blood

glucose reading is, and even politely says

goodbye. Using Palmdoc test strips, both

of the meters are compliant with the latest

ISO standards, are simple to use with

easy-to-read displays, and allow for 7, 15,

30, 45 and 90-day averages. Weighing

only around 70g, these are small and

light meters. Using a USB dataport, it's

possible to send downloaded blood test

data to healthcare professionals. The

meters' telephone support service is

available daily from 8am-10pm.


There is in addition a patient home

service, a support system with a patientled educational website at



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