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Medical research is offering hope to the hundreds of thousands of diabetes patients who endure the discomfort of monthly injections

into the eye to protect them from the risk of blindness. A study being led by Professor David Bates at the University of Nottingham is

investigating whether simple eye drops could be used instead of injections into the eyeball to treat patients for the condition diabetic

retinopathy, where excess blood vessel growth can eventually lead to blindness. If successful, the eye drops could be available to

diabetic patients on clinical trials within the next three to five years.


Bigfoot Biomedical, Inc. has acquired

London-based biotech company Patients

Pending, LTD, makers of the Timesulin insulin

pen timer cap, and its Bluetooth-enabled

insulin pen dose capture technology. The

acquisition positions Bigfoot as the first

company to simultaneously pursue insulin

delivery solutions in both the insulin infusion

pump and injection spaces. "Bigfoot is a

solutions company developing systems that

connect components into Class III medical

device systems capable of supporting autotitration for insulin dosing across

a variety

of glucose sensing and insulin delivery

technologies," says Jeffrey Brewer, Bigfoot

Biomedical President and CEO. "We

believe integrated systems are the future

of diabetes therapy and, going forward,


only systems will be able to compete

to improve quality of life, lower clinical

delivery costs, and decrease overall

healthcare costs for people with insulinrequiring


John Sjölund, who together with Marcel

Botha and brother Andreas Sjölund,

(co-creator of Skype), founded Patients

Pending, LTD, in 2010, is -- like many

on the Bigfoot team - living with Type

1 diabetes. He says, "I believe that the

impact that Timesulin will have as a

part of Bigfoot and the products we are

going to bring for those on multiple daily

injections will change the landscape


See further coverage of Timesulin in

our KIT page (p.8).


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