Insulin pump, Kaleido insulin pump


Company: ViCentra BV

Brand: Kaleido

Pump name: Kaleido

Sensor augmented: No

Colour display: Yes


Kaleido is insulin pump therapy for "those

who don't believe in boring", according to

ViCentra, the company bringing this bright

little meter to the market. However, as

well as being sleek and pretty, the point is

also to improve diabetes control with less

hassle, the colour is just an added extra

encapsulating cutting edge technology.

As they say, "We think it's only right that

if you wear something 24/7 it should look

good too." Comprising an on-the-body

patch pump and a handset designed to

be simple to use and quick to navigate.

The handset's colourful interface is just

like a smartphone. To give a bolus will just

take a couple of clicks, likewise a basal

rate adjustment. The pump and handset

are fully rechargeable, so better for the

environment as well as being convenient:

no more disposable batteries.

The wireless handset is easy to use,

avoiding any unwanted attention, as does

the lack of tubing. The pump uses a micro

delivery system giving accurate insulin

delivery and the system is set up to detect

insulin blockages should they occur using

a state-of-the-art optical sensor.

The system comes in 10 shiny colours.

You get two pumps and one handheld -

one pump is charging while the other is

being worn, so you get to choose two

colours, as choosing just one might prove

difficult. The Kaleido insulin pump is due

to be available shortly in the UK.

Basal rate: The same as background

insulin. Basals can be programmed for

certain hours of the day., e.g. a lower

basal set for overnight.

Bolus: The same as a dose that you

would give yourself for any meal, or to

lower a high blood sugar.

CGM: Continous Glucose Monitoring

- a sensor worn on the body reads the

glucose level of interstitial body fluid and

sends the result to a reader (or directly

into an insulin pump if the pump is sensor

augmented). If alarms are set in the pump,

the user gets a warning when glucose

levels are going high or low, allowing

time to intervene and take action, often

preventing hypos (and hypers).

Closed loop: A pump and CGM

system that can regulate blood glucose

automatically using the blood glucose

reader to adjust insulin dosing.

Disposable pump/CGM: Designed for

one use then discarded, as opposed to

pumps that use batteries being charged.

Infusion set: The infusion set is the

unit that attaches to the body and

which delivers the insulin by infusing it

subcutaneously via a small cannula. This

can either be located under, or near, an

on-the-body patch pump, or via tubing

Insulin pump (infusion pump): infusion

set attachment to the body, control via

the insulin pump worn about the person

which contains a reservoir of insulin.

Patch pump: A reservoir of insulin is

contained in a unit (a patch) that is

attached to the body.

LGS: Low Glucose Suspend - pump

suspends delivery of insulin when CGM

reading hits a pre-set limit.

PDM: Personal Diabetes Manager (a

handheld device that connects to and

controls an insulin patch pump that is

worn on the body).

SAP: Sensor Augmented Pump - an

insulin pump that talks directly to a CGM

system. In most cases, and certainly in

the future, the readings from the CGM

systems will be given permission by the

user and their HCP to either suspend the

delivery of insulin if the readings are low,

or increase basal delivery if readings are

high based on algorythmic calculations

inside the pump.



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