Medtronic Minimed 640G


Company: Medtronic Diabetes

Brand: Minimed

Pump name: Minimed 640g

Sensor augmented: Yes, Medtronic Enlite CGM

Colour display: Yes

Careline: 24-hour technical helpline. 01923-205167.

Supplies and accessories: From leg pouches to silicone skins in 10

colours, waist pouches as well as leather or neoprene pump cases, a bra

pouch, pump t-shirts for adults as well as tank tops for children and a

harness that holds the pump safe in a small pocket at the back.

MiniMed 640g

Medtronic's MiniMed 640g insulin pump

comes with SmartGuard technology that

works in combination with Medtronic's

own Enlite sensors. Having a colour

screen showing such things as how

much insulin is left in the reservoir, how

much battery power, and time since the

last infusion set change. The SmartGuard

technology is a closed-loop system

whereby insulin delivery is automatically

suspended by the pump if the associated

CGM measures a low glucose reading.

The pump receives this information and

based on settings inputted specifically

for the individual concerned, the pump

stops insulin delivery and by doing so

can avert a hypo. Also referred to as 'low

glucose suspend,' trials have proven that

this system has been helping diabetics

to make it through the night without

having a hypo. The model is waterproof

and comes with a Bayer Contour Next

Link II blood test meter that also doubles

as a remote bolus controller. When a

blood test reading is taken, it's possible

to administer a bolus using wi-fi from

the meter to the pump. Information

about 'active insulin' is also shown onscreen,

helping users to understand if it's

necessary to take further action, or wait to

allow the insulin they have already taken

on board to finish its action.

This system - also called a

Sensor Augmented Pump

(SAP) - is one step closer

to the ideal of a closed loop

insulin delivery system (or

artificial pancreas).

In the pipeline is

Medtronic's MiniMed 670g,

which received U.S. Food

and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of

the system last September, the first Hybrid

Closed Loop insulin delivery system

approved anywhere in the world. Featuring

the company's most advanced algorithm,

SmartGuard HCL, this offers therapy

customization so patients and providers

can choose from increasing levels of

automation that best fit their diabetes

management needs. The system is part

of Medtronic's work towards developing a

fully automated, closed loop system. The

idea is to simplify and improve diabetes

management through the advancement

of smart algorithms that achieve greater

glucose control with reduced patient

input. Regulatory approval of the MiniMed

670G is expected outside of the U.S. later

in 2017.

NEXT ISSUE: There will

be additional reporting

on insulin pump devices

in the USA, some of

which may also become

available at some point

in the UK, and certain

technologies may

become standard over

time that are only in their

infancy at present.




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