Travelling with diabetes Desang diabetes kitbags




The Desang

range of diabetes

kitbags are

now exclusively

available from

Diabetes UK's

online shop.

Just in time for

summer travels!

Classic, Slim

or Pen Pack.

When travelling long-distance, it

stands to reason that you'd want to keep

blood testing so you know what's going

on, so make sure you keep your kit handy.

You will probably need to amend your

insulin doses, both in terms of amount

(you may need slightly less as you will be

seated and inactive) as well as timings,

amending them based on the time zones

you are heading towards. You can plan

a schedule of injections by plotting them

so that you do smaller injections more

frequently, which is particualry helpful

for background insulin doses which are

normally taken once (or sometimes) twice

a day. This is much easier on an insulin

pump, where you can keep updating the

time on the pump every few hours or so,

keeping your basal delivery rate in keeping

with how your daytime hours are shifting.

For more general aspects of comfort

while on a long-distance flight, you

might want to consider taking a pair of

compression socks with you, and wearing

them during the flight. Not everyone is

at risk of deep-vein thrombosis (DVT),

but long-distance can increase risk.

According to NHS/Livewell (www.nhs.

uk/travelhealth), wearing compression

stockings during flights of four hours or

more can significantly reduce your risk

of DVT, as well as leg swelling (oedema).

The below-knee stockings apply gentle

pressure to the ankle to help blood flow.

They come in a variety of sizes and there

are also different levels of compression.

Fitlegs is a new brand from suppliers

G&N Medical, which has a record for

post-surgery compression socks and

has recently branched out with ranges

based outside the hospital arena with a

range of diabetes socks and everyday

compression socks 'for work and travel'.

The soft material they are made of has no

seams, has heel support, comes in four

sizes and has a compression level of 14-

17mmHg (a measure of pressure using

mercury as used in pressure gauges).

Jet lag should no longer be a cause

for concern when booking long haul

holidays if you follow guidance from The

Sleep Council, which advocates that you

drink plenty of water on your journey,

and while on holiday, to keep your body

feeling hydrated and refreshed. Once on

the plane, set your watch to local time of

your destination. Pack an eye mask and

earplugs and use them if it is night-time

where you're going; equally keep the light

on and mask off if it's daytime. During

your break away, maintain a healthy diet

to help control your wakefulness: high

protein meals increase your alertness; lots

of carbohydrates make you feel sleepier.


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