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Growing your own tasty fruit and

vegetables appeals to many people, but

not everybody has a garden in which to

do so. A new tomato plant from Tesco is

set to change that. The mini tomato plant

has been developed by produce experts

who have bred together varieties to come

up with one that is small, compact and

very productive. By following the care

instructions the small, but powerful

plants can each produce up to 150

delicious tomatoes with minimal fuss.

The popularity of fresh growing herbs and

vegetable plants is on the increase in the

UK, with demand rising by nearly 10% at

Tesco in the last year. The mini tomatoes

are ideal as a healthy lunchbox snacking

food. The Mini Tomato Plant costs £4 and

is available in more than 300 Tesco stores

across the UK. Tesco herb and vegetable

buyer Phoebe Burgess says, "This plant

should bring not only an abundance of

delicious tasting tomatoes but a lot of

fun in producing one of the UK's favourite

salad foods. The mini tomato plant is

so small it can fit on a sunlit windowsill

and doesn't grow much over one foot

tall. Picked off the plant when perfectly

ripe, the bite-sized tomatoes are juicy

with a classic sweet flavour. The plant

already comes with about 10 tomatoes

growing on it but my tip is that when the

yellow flowers of the plant start to open,

tickle them with your fingers to replicate

pollination which will then encourage

further production."


Cornish new potatoes are in supermarkets

across the country from June until

August. A highlight of the seasonal

calendar, they have a sweet flavour and

thin skins, which do not need to be

peeled. Jack Stein, executive chef of the

Rick Stein Restaurant Group, grew up

in Cornwall and is passionate about the

county's native produce and seasonality

of ingredients. He says, "The very early

crops of Cornish potatoes are so sweet

and have a slight salinity because they are

grown very close to the sea. You almost

don't need to season these potatoes. All

the flavour is just under the skin so you

get a lovely earthy flavour and the essence

of the best parts of the potato in one

hit." He has developed six new Cornish

potato recipes for these new potatoes

as an alternative to standard varieties

or and to stand up to competition from

other carbohydrates, like rice and pasta.

"Potatoes are a vital carbohydrate and are incredibly healthy, gluten free, fat free and

full of vitamins," he continues, "But most

importantly served simply with a knob of

butter, they are simply delicious."

To download a range of recipes click HERE.


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