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continued over

Devon-based Lyme

Bay Winery's newly

rebranded Jack Ratt

Sparkling Cider is

a traditional west

country carbonated cider that takes

its name from notorious 19th century

smuggler, Jack Rattenbury, who hid

his contraband in caves and sunken

barrels off the coast, retrieving them

by 'creeping' the ocean floor with a

grappling hook. The new-look bottles

have been created to better tell the story

behind this cider's bold and refreshing

flavours, celebrating the heritage of

traditional cider making and the area's

swashbuckling past.Made using a

blend of freshly-pressed juice from

local apples, including Tramlett's Bitter,

Foxwhelp and Tom Putt, all of which

would have been used in cider making

during Jack Rattenbury's lifetime, the

sparkling cider has a rich amber colour

and fresh apple-like aroma. RRP £2.55

for a 500ml bottle. Now also available

in a 3-litre bag-in-box which is easy to

transport, pour and reseal so you can

take it away on a summer's day for your

own adventure. The Jack Ratt bag-inbox range includes a traditional and

fruity Scrumpy, RRP £11.49, and a fullbodied strong

Vintage Dry, RPP £11.99.

Available from independent retailers,

including delis and farm shops.

Double bubble

Cranes cider is brewed using the finest

cranberries as well as apples to deliver a

refreshingly crisp cider. Cambridgeshire


A brief overview of alcoholic British-based brews for a summertime

of sipping (always in moderation, of course).



based twins Ben and Dan Ritsema have

developed the Cranes brand to produce

a craft fruit cider for this popular market.

They have created a naturally light craft

cider by utilising the sweetness of the fruit,

meaning Cranes ciders have 30% fewer

calories compared to brand leaders. Each

500ml bottle contains 220 calories with no

artificial colours, flavourings, sweeteners

or preservatives. Available in three

refreshing flavours; Cranberry & Lime,

Blueberries & Apple and Raspberries &

Pomegranate, Cranes is the naturally light

alternative to the fruit ciders currently on

the market.


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