Animas Vibe insulin pump and Dexcom CGM


Company: Lifescan (part of Johnson &


Brand: One Touch

Pump name: Animas Vibe

Sensor augmented: Yes, Dexcom CGM

Colour display: Yes

Careline: 8.30am to 6.00pm M-F;

9.00am to 1.00pm Saturday. UK 0800-

121-200; Ireland 1800-535-676. 24-hour

Technical Support Helpline: UK 0800 028

0616 (UK); 1800 535 676 (Ireland).

Supplies and accessories: Available to

order 9am-5pm Monday to Friday, as well

as infusion sets, there are various pumpwear items,

such as the trademarked

'thigh thing', a bra holder, a leather pump

case, a pump waistband as well as a

tamper-resistant case (for children).

Animas Vibe

The Animas Vibe pump incorporates

Swiss gearing on the inside, making its

dosing capabilities very accurate, while

being made in the USA. Available for the

last six years, it is a tried and tested pump

being simple and easy to use. It comes

in a choice of 4 colours. Popular with

those who do watersports, the pump

is waterproof to 3.6m (12 feet) for 24

hours, however do not wear your Animas

insulin pump scuba diving or in water at

depths greater than 3.6 m (12 feet). The

colour screen on the Animas Vibe shows

glucose trends (going up, going down)

when sensor enabled. Should there be a

need, loan pumps are available as part of

the support for the Animas Vibe, as well

as a next-day replacement service.

Back in 2011 the Animas Vibe insulin

pump was the first and only continuous

glucose monitoring (CGM)-enabled insulin

pump system (i.e. sensor augmented),

using the Dexcom G4 CGM technology.

More recently, ongoing progress from

both Animas and Dexcom has resulted

in the OneTouch Vibe Plus insulin pump

gaining FDA approval being the first

insulin pump integrated with the Dexcom

G5 Mobile CGM for patients age two and

older living with diabetes. The OneTouch

Vibe Plus combines accurate and precise

insulin dosing technology from Animas

with the most accurate CGM sensing

technology from Dexcom. The Dexcom

G5 Transmitter collects blood glucose

readings from the Dexcom sensor and

wirelessly sends them to the patient's

OneTouch Vibe Plus Insulin Pump screen

and compatible smart device using the

Dexcom G5 Mobile System and app. This

enables patients using the pump and their

caregivers to access CGM data wherever

it is most convenient for them, and to

make informed diabetes management

decisions. In addition to the primary smart

device, glucose data can be shared with

up to five people utilizing the Dexcom

Follow App.

At the time of going to press, the

launch of this device has yet to be

announced, either in the US and Canada

or the UK.

Company: Imperial College London,

supported by the Wellcome Trust

Pump name: BiAP

The Bio-Inspired Artificial Pancreas (BiAP)

is still in the research stage. It is worn

externally and combines a CGM sensor

that reads the user's interstitial fluid sugar

level and an insulin pump that infuses

the insulin into the body (they are using

a T:Slim pump). The most innovative

element is the biologically-inspired

microchip which uses an algorithm to

combine the CGM data with the pump's

capacity to infuse insulin. This has enabled

the research team to replicate the activity

of the beta cells of the pancreas using

integrated circuits on a silicon microchip.

With this they have been able to "deliver

insulin profiles expected from a healthy

pancreas". Information from the sensor

feeds into the pump, the pump has an

algorithm within it. The algorithm uses

the CGM data to adjust the rate of insulin

being delivered in the pump, which is

set for automated insulin delivery. The

sophistication of the algorithm is key to

accurate dosing. To read a fuller update,

click HERE.


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