Insulin pump overview




nfusion delivery systems

- insulin pumps - are now

more widely available, and

there's more choice than in

previous years, the number

of options having more than doubled in

the last few years. Infusion is not going

away; indeed the future will see newly

diagnosed Type 1 diabetics going on to

insulin pumps much sooner and more

Type 2s on insulin moving over to pump

therapy too.

Themes that have developed in that

time are an increased use of CGM within

the pump community as both patients

and clinicians have started to understand

how sensor can aid control, as well as

the emergence of colour display screens

as standard, and easier downloading

facilities and online portals for data

storing, viewing and sharing. We will be

reporting more fully on the current state

of CGM capability and availability in the

September issue of this magazine.

In the cases of the manufacturers

that have been supplying insulin pumps

in the UK for several years, more than

one version of their pump system is in

circulation, with people being asked to

upgrade or swap pumps after a four-year

period. T he newer pumps are given more

space here.

Where a pump is SAP (a sensor

augmented pump), it is stated, though

to be fair 'no' probably means 'not yet'.

This feature comprises an overview plus brief summaries of

what insulin pump systems are currently available - or will be

shortly available - in the UK. The infusion systems are listed

in alphabetical order by manufacturer name (company names

and brand names are rather convoluted in some cases).


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