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The Ritsemas say, "We were at

University a few years ago, and like

most students we enjoyed socialising

which often involved a drink. Being

health conscious, nothing would beat

a refreshing glass of cranberry juice. It

got us thinking what if cranberries were

brewed… and that was the beginning

of Cranes. It would be wrong to claim

an alcoholic drink is healthy, but in

moderation it remains an important part of

how a lot of people socialise and relax. We

think people will always enjoy a drink, but

that they will increasingly look to choose

a drink that has healthier ingredients, but

obviously still tastes great."

In the pink

Also made in Cambridgeshire, Pinkster

Gin is distilled in small batches to an

original recipe using five botanicals. It

is then macerated with a further three

botanicals and hand-steeped with fresh

raspberries grown locally, giving it its

distinctive pink colour. Dry with a hint of

fruit and an exceptionally smooth finish, it

makes a refreshingly different G&T when

served with a raspberry and a sprig of

fresh mint. Available from Majestic, Ocado

priced around £35/70cl bottle.

In the moo'd

Back down in Dorset, Black Cow is the

world's first Pure Milk Vodka made in

Dorset, England, from the milk of grass

grazed cows. It is a super-premium

vodka, distilled from the whey of milk

and treated to a secret blending process

created by dairy farmer Jason Barber. His

inspiration came from a desire to diversify

the produce from his 250-strong dairy

herd and his personal interest in vodka.

He not only makes vodka from the milk

but also cheddar cheese made from the

curd, so there is no wastage in any of the

by-products. As well as bottles of hooch,

it also comes in a gift pack allowing you

to experience the whole milk: serve Black

Cow Vodka over ice with Black Cow

Vintage Cheddar, reuniting the curds and

whey from the same milk!

Black Cow Vodka: RRP £31.75 for

70cl. ABV 40% Black Cow 50cl Gift Pack

with Vintage Cheddar Cheese & Quince

RRP £50.00 .

Ben (on the right) and Dan

Ritsema of Cranes Cider

(above and below). Pinkster

Gin (right) and Black Cow

vodka (below right).


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