Travelling with diabetes


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Show and tell

Tips and tricks for travelling with your kit and getting

it through international security.

1. Don't laugh (even if they do tickle you).

2. Don't make jokes (security is no laughing matter)

3. Be polite (be grateful someone is doing that job).

4. Have your kit handy and be ready to explain it).

5. Carry a doctor's note (a letter from your doctor stating

your medical condition and why you need your kit).

You can print off our handy checklist

and add notes around your own specific

kit needs for when you go travelling.

Click the pic to download.

kind of information to keep you safe while

you take a flight, then that's exactly what

it's there for. You could plan to just carry

your next sensor (with all the gubbins

that inserting one requires) and put it on

when you get there. Or if you have the

wherewithall, use a Libre glucose monitor

instead for the duration of your holiday.

They are more discreet, but still tell the

security personnel if you are wearing one

so it's not a surprise to them if you do get

a pat-down.

Blood test meters and some insulin

pumps and CGM equipment may use

batteries, for which you may want to carry

spares too while travelling, these all need

to be shown at security as they are among

items not allowed onboard flights.

Going the distance

Long-distance flights need extra planning

around food intake, insulin dosing, adjusting

around international time variations and

generally trying to get comfortable for the





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