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In a feature written for the Huffington Post, Alan

Kohll Founder & president of corporate health &

wellness services provider, TotalWellness, says,

"One of the worst things you can do to your

body is doing nothing at all and unfortunately, a

sedentary lifestyle has become the norm in our

culture. Sitting all day and leading an inactive

lifestyle can have harmful, long-term effects to

your health. According to Mayo Clinic, 50-70

percent of people sit at least six hours per day,

and 20-35 percent of people spend over four

hours every day watching TV. With more than

one-third of U.S. adults living with obesity, it's more important now than ever to educate your

employees on the effects of sitting too much and start working towards an active lifestyle."

Check out this infographic to learn a bit more about how a sedentary lifestyle affects the health

and quality of life (click the pic to download).


Team Novo Nordisk is a 'world first', as all members of the pro-cycling team has Type 1

diabetes. In a bike ride called Pedal for 7 which went through seven cities across the UK

over five days during Diabetes Awareness Week (11 to 17 June) the team encouraged

people living with diabetes to achieve healthy blood sugar levels by managing the condition

as best they can. Along the 5-day route from Leeds to Gatwick, some of the cyclists

visited leading specialist diabetes centres and hospitals in order to meet people and share

their stories and diabetes messages on how they reach their goals. It's quite common

for people living with diabetes to feel like their condition can hold them back, but the

Team Novo Nordisk riders show that it is possible to lead an active lifestyle with diabetes,

when managed properly. On its webstite, Novo Nordisk has tips and tools for improving

mealtime management of blood glucose levels.

Scientists have long warned that climate

change could lead to devastating effects

on public health. However, researchers

from Leiden University Medical Center in

the Netherlands recently examined the

possible effect between climate change

and Type 2 diabetes. As reported by

Diabetes Health, The study found a 4%

increase in T2D incidence in the U.S. each

year from 1996-2009 for every 1-degree

Celsius increase in outdoor temperatures.

Likewise, glucose intolerance increased

worldwide by 0.17% for each 1-degree

Celsius temperature increase. The study

authors suggest future research to better

understand the effects of global warming

on diabetes and overall health status.

These findings were published in BMJ

Open Diabetes Research & Care on

March 21, 2017.


A recent study looked at the projected

long-lerm outcomes in patients with Type

1 diabetes treated with fast-acting insulin

aspart (Fiasp) versus conventional insulin

aspart. (NovoRapid) Undertaken in the

UK by Russell-Jones, Heller, Buchs,

Valentine and Hunt, projections indicated

that faster aspart was associated with

improved life expectancy. Improved

clinical outcomes resulted from fewer

diabetes-related complications and a

delayed time to their onset with the use

of faster aspart. There was also reduced

costs from diabetes-related complications

being avoided and reduced treatment

costs. Therefore the study concluded

that faster aspart was associated with

improved clinical outcomes and less cost

than standard insulin aspart.






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