Insulin pump overview, Accu-Chek Combo, Accu-Chek Insight


an infusion set and tubing. It can be set to

deliver basal doses low enough for those

needed by small children and others with

modest insulin requirements. An easy

menu lets you set up a system of insulin

delivery suited to your needs. You use the

handset to tell the pump what insulin to

deliver -- you do not need to access the

pump to do this, as it's done via Bluetooth

technology. Blood test results are stored

in the meter and can be viewed in a variety

of ways (graphs, averages) that help

with overall understanding and improve

control and which are downloadable for

sharing with HCPs. The meter lists and

graphs your blood test results as well as

your insulin doses. There is an on-board

bolus calculator and the colour screen

makes understanding readings easier.

The Combo is recommended if you take

a large amount of insulin, or if you are

is no need to take out the insulin pump

for the rest of the day. Every bolus can be

programmed discreetly via the handset.

Ease of use can contribute to an improved

personalised diabetes management

by making self-management easier to

undertake in everyday life. The on-board

bolus advisor has been clinically proven to

reduce HbA1c over time. With 3 different

bolus types available (Standard, Extended

and Multiwave), different boluses can run

in parallel if needed (e.g. an extended

bolus for dinner and then standard bolus

for desert). There are other settings that

help with visual impairment (a zoom

functionality on the pump screen means

that you can increase text size) or for

those who are hard of hearing. The

handset uses rechargeable batteries.

The Insight pump, which is worn on

the body, is waterproof to a depth of

1.3m for 60 minutes (the handset is not


considering transitioning from multiple

daily injections (MDI) to pump therapy

(especially if you have used Accu-Chek's

Aviva Expert bolus advisor, as it's the

same technology). The Accu-Chek

Combo pump is waterproof to a depth

of 2.5m for 60 minutes.


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