My Diabetes Kit Adrian Long


with my life. I stayed healthy and it was

all quite steady. I didn't feel the need

to talk about it and almost never met

another person with diabetes. I did join

Diabetes UK, which was my main source

of information. Every six months I went on

my clinic visit. After some years, one of

the doctors said, 'You really only need to

see your GP', which I thought was great,

as it saved me a trip to the hospital.

"In around 2012, just out of curiosity,

I did a search on the word 'diabetes' on

Twitter and I saw that there was an entire

community out there. That was when I

first spoke (on Twitter) to another person

with diabetes, a young lady who is to

this day still a great friend of mine, and I

have accumulated many others over the

years. This was when I first had a decent

smartphone and became aware of a

"Tweetchat" that I started to contribute to

and became aware of a whole range of

reactions and approaches to managing

life with diabetes.

"Then in 2015 I attended a conference

held for people with diabetes and it was

the first time that I was in a room full of

people withdiabetes, as well as a range

of diabetes kit available from suppliers,

which I found very interesting. This was

also just as Abbott's FreeStyle Libre was

coming out, and in 2015 I started to use a

Libre myself. I self-funded - it was the only

way back then - but both my wife and I

had wanted something like this, a device

that could tell you if glucose was rising or

falling, especially if you are about to drive.

I did not know about CGM back then,

and had never considered that I needed

to use an insulin pump, quite apart from

the fact that as far as I am aware there

is no access to pump technology at my

local CCG. But as far as technology goes,

I found that the Libre gave me all the

extra information that I needed. It is also

pretty well foolproof for me, glorious in its

simplicity, and it works with my phone. I

don't even feel the little disc on my arm

when I'm wearing one. I am well aware

that it's not as all singing and dancing as

'full' CGM, but it's all I need.

"In recent years I have started a

blog. I love writing. By profession I am a

linguist, a French teacher, and was also

Head of Sixth Form. I have written many

references for students and I enjoy putting

my thoughts down on paper or - in

today's terms - on screen. I was inspired

by seeing other people doing opinion

pieces and reviews. Not all my blogs are

about diabetes, there are other thoughts

and ideas too, and I do it as and when

something comes up that I'm interested

in that I want to write about.

"Since retiring last year the new

friends I found through social media have

been a wonderful and unexpected boon; I

have nearly 2000 followers on Twitter and

I know a few of them personally, counting

many of them as friends. We are all quite

different from each other, yet there are

similarities too. Most of us wear some sort

of diabetes technology, which means we

beep quite frequently, and we also inject

or infuse so have our own ways to put

our insulin in. And we do a lot of maths

each time we eat. We are like a family, and

we do share a lot by all having the same


"I have found diabetes to be a unique

bond among those who live with it. For

me, it's not something that I wish to have

dominate my life, but to get to know

others who share the ups and downs has

been a great pleasure and a source of


Twitter @AdrianLong3

Adrian Long and friend. In his retirement, Long is hoping

to own some alpacas, and a neighbour is showing him the

ropes, or should we say reins.


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