The CGM sensor scene 2019



An overview of current (and coming soon)

blood glucose sensor technology.

This overview shows sensors

listed in roughly alphabetical

by product name, or by

company name if product

name is not yet known. Cost

are indicated where known.


This month Ascensia Diabetes Care

announced it had entered into a global

alliance with Zhejiang POCTech, Co., Ltd

(POCTech), a developer and manufacturer

of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM)

systems. Ascensia is responsible for the

development of the Contour Next blood

glucose monitoring range of meters. The

company will be the exclusive distributor

for POCTech's devices in an initial 13

markets, which are yet to be confirmed.

As part of this agreement Ascensia will

commercialize a version of POCTech's

current CGM kit, distributing the

product in the second half of 2019. This

agreement will leverage expertise from

both companies to build and manufacture

next-generation products with enhanced

capabilities and features that are designed

to more effectively meet the needs of

people with diabetes. The intention is to

bring to market a state-of-the-art CGM

product that improves on what is currently.

G6, Dexcom

The Dexcom G6 CGM sensor lasts

10 days and needs no confirmatory

fingersticks are required (neither to dose,

nor for calibrations). It includes an 'Urgent

Low Soon' alert, giving advance notice

of a potential hypo and allowing time to

intervene earlier to avoid going low. This

is from a range of customisable alerts:

users can fully customise their alerts to

make them more relevant to themselves.

The G6 works with a smartphone app, so

you can see your results on your phone's

screen whenever you wish, and get alerts

sent too for impending highs or lows.

Dexcom's G6 sensors are licensed for

anyone with diabetes more than two years

old. There are options to share data from

within the device, so parents, partners,

carers or healthcare professionals can get

access and alerts. A one-month starter

kit is available for £159 (x3 sensors and

a transmitter), with monthly contracts

available from £159.


The Eversense system continually

measures interstitial fluid glucose levels

in adults with diabetes for the operating

life of the sensor, which is 180 days (six

months). Although the CGM is implanted

the uses wears a reader on the skin

above the technology, including glucose

trend information and includes alarms for

the detection and prediction of episodes

of hypo and hyper. This data can be

transmitted via an app to a smartphone.

The aim is that the system will allow

users to manage their diabetes with more

flexibility, confidence and discretion. The

system needs calibrating twice a day with

a blood glucose reading. The Eversense

sensor is inserted in a clinical environment,

the implanted sensor is powered

wirelessly by the transmitter placed on the

arm directly over the sensor. There are a

few centres where implants can be done.

Contact Accu-Chek direct or talk to the

people at London Diabetes Centre.

ENLITE, Medtronic

Medtronic's Enlite sensor works with the

company's Minimed insulin pump series.

However, as part of Medtronic's Guardian

Connect, it can be used alongside other

pumps or people on MDI as a stand-alone

system. You can set up your own alerts

and you'll see arrows showing you if your


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