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Bigfoot Biomedical

California-based Bigfoot Biomedical

has agreed a deal with Eli Lilly. Bigfoot

is developing a closed-loop automated

insulin delivery system and a connected

insulin pen - both of which the company

plans to offer as monthly subscriptions.

The company expects to launch its first

two insulin delivery systems - Bigfoot

Inject and Bigfoot Loop - in 2020,

after finishing a pivotal trial and gaining

regulatory approvals. Bigfoot's co-founder

and CEO Jeffrey Brewer commented,

"Our agreement with Lilly will enable us to

bring Bigfoot's insulin delivery innovations

to the millions of people who trust and

rely on Lilly's insulin products. We are

thrilled to partner with Lilly in our efforts to

innovate for people with diabetes."

Tidepool closed loop

Announced in December 2018, the

Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley

Charitable Trust and JDRF are to provide

Tidepool, a California nonprofit software

organization, with the funding it needs to

develop Tidepool Loop, a hybrid closed

loop automated insulin delivery app.

Through this partnership, The funding

will allow Tidepool to expand its software

development and customer support

operation. Tidepool intends to deliver

Tidepool Loop as an FDA-regulated

app in the iOS App Store. Tidepool

Loop is intended to work with multiple

insulin pumps and continuous glucose

monitoring devices. Dr. Aaron Kowalski,

Chief Mission Officer for JDRF, comments,

"We launched the JDRF Open Protocol

Initiative in 2017 in order to accelerate

innovation, give users greater control over

insulin delivery devices, and expand their

ability to choose system components

that work best for them, giving them

more options for better control with less


Agamatrix and Amazon

Arcadia Group has announced the launch

of an Amazon-exclusive brand of medical

devices called Choice, using products

manufactured by AgaMatrix to offer

consumers more options in accessing

accurate, affordable Bblood glucose

monitoring technology. AgaMatrix's

core technology, WaveSense, merges

innovation with manufacturing expertise.

The initial products in the range are blood

glucose monitors and blood pressure

monitors, both with mobile apps that

offer measurement tracking, data mobility,

and reminders. These will be commodity

medical devices available from Amazon,

a development that will see these devices

bypass traditional insurance set ups. A

statement from Arcadia said, "One of the

key issues in healthcare is the fact that

the purchaser and user are two different

entities in many cases. The only way to

make price shopping a legitimate thing is

to make the purchaser and user a single

entity, which would require bypassing

traditional health insurance reimbursement

routes." It was also

noted that Amazon's

Alexa shopping system

will be an integral part

of the future plan. Alexa

is a voice-enabled

operating system and

Amazon is looking for

ways to use Alexa in

healthcare, perhaps by

integrating with your medical devices.

One Drop and insurer

A partnership has been announced

between One Drop, a leader in the

development of integrated digital

therapeutics solutions for people with

diabetes, and John Hancock Vitality life

insurance customers, who will now have

direct access to One Drop's diabetes

management mobile app and curated

content. Health insurance company John

Hancock Vitality provides customers,

including those with diabetes, financial

protection, while rewarding them for the

healthy activities they do, like exercising

and eating well. Through the partnership,

John Hancock and One Drop aim to

combat myths around people with

diabetes not qualifying for life insurance

and offer an innovative solution that

combines life insurance with a technologyenabled

wellness programme. John

Hancock is the first US life insurer to offer

a solution that allows people with diabetes

to save money and get rewarded for the

everyday things they do to stay healthy

and improve their control.

Notes from America

A brief look at some of the headlines from across the pond.

One Drop products.


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