The CGM sensor scene 2019


readings are trending up or down. The

purpose of the new Medtronic Guardian

Connect is for people who either don't

want to pump, can't get a pump, or

have Type 2 diabetes and are not being

encouraged to use an insulin pump.

Therefore Medtronic Guardian Connect

that does not work with an insulin pump

but with a smartphone. This consists of

an Enlite sensor worn on the body that

uses a Guardian Link to transmit glucose

results every five minutes via Bluetooth to

a free app on a smartphone. This means

easy visibility of data for the user (or

interested parties -- the system can also

be made to send SMS alerts to parents,

partners or HCPs.). Enlite sensors need

calibrating at least twice a day. If you're

using the app, you just plug the calibration

from your blood test meter into the app.

Using the Enlite with either the 640g or

670g, or as part of Guardian Connect,

comes with a system of alarms that can

be adjusted around an individual needs.

These have been proven to increase time

spent in range, helping users to eliminate

being too high or too low.


Abbott's stated aim from the launch of

the FreeStyle Libre system has been to

eliminate the need for routine finger prick

testing. The popularity of this easy-to-use

product has seen an impressive uptake,

with plenty of customers happy to scan

themselves to see what's happening

with their control. One boon has been

parents being able to go into their

sleeping child's room at night and scan

them without waking them or prick their

fingers to do a test. Part of the company's

commitment has been to educate both

healthcare professionals and users to

make the best of this technology, which

it does via its Freestyle Libre Academy.

You need to sign up to the waiting list

if you are interested in accessing Libre

sensors. A starter pack costs £159.95

for one reader (which should last years)

and two sensors which each should last

14 days. Subsequent readers or sensors

cost £57.95. The Libre Link app, which

allows you to scan the sensor with your

smartphone, is free to download and use.


Nemaura has developed predictive

algorithms to support alarm functions in its

wearable SugarBeat glucose monitoring

system. The British company is expecting

to win CE Mark approval any day now, at

which point it will launch in the UK with a

small group of users which will then be

followed up with a full scale launch on

a gradual basis across the UK and into

other major European territories.


Medtrum supplies both an insulin patch

pump and a CGM sensor. The person

with diabetes might need one or the

other, or both. The A6 Touchcare system

comes complete with apps as well as

a comprehensive website that carries

tutorial videos on aspects of using the

pump and sensor. There are x4 sensors

per box, each worn for seven days, so one

box lasts a month. The CGM transmitter

is rechargeable. The sensors take a

measurement every two minutes, the

most frequent of any glucose-monitoring

sensor currently available. Data picked

up by the associated smartphone app

includes trend graphs to show if blood

glucose is rising or falling. For those who

wish to self-fund there are two options for

starter packs. Option 1 is one sensor plus

one transmitter for £135. Option 2 is for

a box of sensors plus one transmitter for

£225. There are no annual commitments

for either option, and ongoing costs are

£35 for one sensor that will last a week,

or £140 for a box.

continued over

FAR LEFT: Eversense

implant, plus reader and

app. LEFT: SugarBeat, and

app. ABOVE: The Dexcom

G6 array.


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