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Tracey Michelle, who has a degree in fashion and textiles, has created

a range of pump holders under the banner Pouch for All, after a friend

asked her to design something practical and comfortable for her daughter

to wearing and insulin pump. These are handcrafted pouches and cases

designed to brighten up the job of wearing diabetic tools, such as insulin

pumps, CGM readers, blood test kits and insulin pens. The pouches

are contemporary, bright, fashionable, practical and comfortable. The

pouches are designed to be 'stepped into'. In the range there are bra/

trouser belts and thigh pouches as well as the waist pouches. Coming

soon are pouches with a see-through window to enable viewing insulin

pumps and CGM screens so they can be read without needing to take it

out of the pouch.


These protective cases are designed

specifically for holding Abbott's Freestyle Libre

reader, adding a bit of colour to your day and

daily diabetes self-care. Available for £15.99

from new website DiabeticSupplies which has

been set up by the father of a Type 1 diabetic

to help make diabetes products more easily




MiniMed Mio Advance is the newest,

cleverest infusion set from the MiniMed

range from Medtronic. Designed, as their

promo material states, to be simpler,

faster and hassle-free, the set comes with

a pre-loaded inserter to enable easier

set-changes that have fewer steps for a

quicker turn-around when you need to

change and go.





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