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Waitrose customers can now pick up

a small bottle of milk in its Food to Go

aisles. The 500ml semi-skimmed milk

bottles from Cravendale (60p) are being

introduced to make it easier for customers

to make healthier choices. Milk is a great

source of protein and calcium, it hydrates

and quenches thirst and is a good

addition to a healthy balanced diet. The

supermarket is also currently trialling a

personal nutritionist service in its Canary

Wharf and Kingston shops, which are

designed to provide customers with

dietary advice tailored specifically to their

individual needs.

Meanwhile, Waitrose has

commissioned a survey to find out what

the nation's favourite toast toppings are

and discovered that the basics are best

with just butter coming out the favourite,

with 28% of those asked claiming it was

their favourite spread. A topping that

revealed a great age divide as 47% of

over 55s said they like marmalade and

a meagre 8% of 18-22 year olds would

choose it. Nutella (and other chocolate

spreads) were more popular with 18-22

year olds, 32% of them preferring these

spreads compared to just 3% of the over

55s. White sliced bread was our favourite

bread for toast (37%) then a higher fibre

wholemeal option (20%). Overall 70% love

toast with its crusts on, with breakfast

being the favourite time to eat toast (82%),

while more than a quarter choose to eat

toast 'at anytime of the day' as a snack.





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, as the topic this issue is chickpeas.


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