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Reasons for moving away from

HbA1c to other parameters that

measure diabetes control as Time

In Range gains credability. P.18.

Sue Marshall

The gnarlly little nugget that is a

chickpea comes under scruitiny in

our regular column, complete with

a recipe for houmous. P.28.

If you ever felt that diabetes was a condition that suited mathematicians,

then you won't have been the first or the only one to have had that

perception. I admit I'm not always great with numbers, but I've had to

revise my rusty grip on mathematics in order to make sense of the article in this

issue to do with HbA1c, which is in itself only an average and yet seems to be an

aspect of diabetes care that is set in something more solid than stone. Average,

mean, median, percentile, they all matter and get used to assess our care and

self-management but can lead to confusion. Average always leans towards

mediocre, mean can also mean that you are a meany, so already the language gets

convoluted. But hopefully it makes sense (there's a glossary for reference) in the

article, which is about the move to Time in Range as an assessment of control,

which is on p.14. There's loads of interesting news too, some nice bits of new kit -

insulin pump pouches, Libre reader 'skins' and a new infusion set from Medtonic

(p.8), plus food news (p.10), and a Company Profile on Leicester-based Spirit

Healthcare (p.26) and an interview with trainee GP and T1D Debbie Green (p.22).

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Trainee GP talks about her diabetes

journey, the kit she's used and how

she manages to keep up her hobby

of trail running. P.22.



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