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JDRF is partnering with a US medical

technology start-up to develop a flexible

patch pump worn over the skin like a

plaster. The Evopump will be the size of a

business card and just 6mm thick. It should

make care more comfortable and discreet

for those living with Type 1 diabetes. While

pump use in the UK is increasing, some

people are put off from using pumps due

to their bulky size and visibility. The aim

of this partnership, with Massachusettsbased Cam Med, is to overcome


issues and develop a pump that is more

convenient and comfortable to use for a

wider range of people.

Dr Jaime Giraldo, JDRF Program

Scientist for Research, says, "The

Evopump represents the type of

miniaturised and user-centric design that

could substantially reduce the burden of

living with Type 1 diabetes and remove

obstacles preventing some people from

using devices that could improve their

glucose management."

The Evopump will be made out of a

flexible material so that it can be worn over

The US Patent Office Patent Trial and

Appeal Board recently ruled to uphold the

validity of WaveForm Technologies Inc.

patents in the emerging field of continuous

glucose monitoring. WaveForm is a

developer of novel products for continuous

glucose monitoring and a wholly owned

subsidiary of AgaMatrix Holdings. It has

announced that the Patent Trial and Appeal

Board (PTAB) has ruled two early patents

held by WaveForm are not invalid, based

on challenges brought by Dexcom Inc.

WaveForm Technologies is conducting

human clinical studies for their CGM

system, and expects to file for CE mark

approval for the product in 2018. The

WaveForm CGM will offer several potential

advantages as compared to currently

marketed systems, including easy and

virtually painless on-body sensor insertion,

rapid one-hour sensor warm up time, and

potentially longer sensor wear life (14

days). The WaveForm system is designed

to work with leading smartphone

platforms and utilizes Bluetooth wireless

technology to transfer glucose data

more frequently, with up to the minute

glucose readings viewable directly on a

patient's smartphone without the need

for an additional receiver. WaveForm is

also developing an 'artificial pancreas' (or

'closed loop') insulin delivery platform.

The Soft Drinks Industry Levy ('the

Sugar Tax') coming into force in early

April. Diabetes UK, through its key role

in the Obesity Health Alliance, has been

a vocal supporter of this policy. Bridget

Turner, Director of Policy, Campaigns

and Improvement at Diabetes UK,

commented at the time, "Evidence

shows that this levy has the potential

to prevent obesity in up to 140,000

adults and children each year and, in

turn, prevent nearly 19,000 cases of

Type 2 diabetes. We've long supported

this policy, and welcome it coming into

force. However, it is important to note

that many people with Type 1 and Type 2

diabetes use high sugar products to treat

hypos; reformulation and price increases

will both have an impact on this. People

with diabetes who use sugary drinks to

treat hypos should be sure to read the

labels to check the sugar content. That

said, there are clear health benefits to

the whole population if we are all able

to reduce the amount of free sugar in

our diet. This policy will go some way to

helping make this possible."

the skin like a plaster. Special technology

will be encased in the thin material to

deliver precise amounts of insulin to the

wearer through a cannula.

The team at Med Cam estimate

that the patch pump could be worn for

a week at a time. The partnership with

JDRF enables Cam Med to accelerate the

development and commercialisation of

the Evopump. Described as a bandagelike patch pump for subcutaneous delivery

of medications. The Evopump's flow rate

is highly precise, enabling the delivery

of highly concentrated formulations of



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