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The Ascensia Diabetes Challenge was launched last

September. A global innovation competition, it was

introduced to fine digital solutions to support Type 2 diabetes

management. The many entries have been narrowed down

to six that will progress to the finalist stage of the challenge.

These six finalists will all receive a €10,000 cash prize to

support the further development of their ideas. Following the finalist event, prizes for

the winners and runners-up will be awarded from the total prize fund of €200,000,

with the opportunity to partner with Ascensia Diabetes Care going forward. The finalists

represent the innovative thinking as well as the latest technology to enter the field of

Type 2 diabetes management, as listed below. For information on the Ascensia Diabetes

Challenge, judges and judging criteria visit

Foodient by Whisk (UK): An artificial intelligence powered Digital Dietician that connects

people to the world's leading grocery retailers. It is being developed to help Type 2

diabetes patients easily find food they love and which is nutritionally tailored so that they

can make sustainable behaviour changes.

GlycoLeap by Holmusk (Singapore): A digital health program that is a simpler way to lose

weight and lower HbA1c. It combines expert human coaching with mobile technology

to empower people with Type 2 diabetes live a healthier life. GlycoLeap is powered by a

scalable, engaging and effective technology platform for data-driven, personalised health


QStream (USA): A team-based mobile game developed at Harvard Medical School that

can prompt meaningful behavior change in people with Type 2 diabetes. QStream is

proven to generate significant and sustained improvements in blood glucose control

among patients who use it.

My Diabetes Coach by Macadamian (Canada): A 'voice first' diabetes management

platform that uses Amazon's Alexa to help those with Type 2 diabetes better manage

their care. The data captured through an integrated wearable device, a mobile phone,

and dialogue with the patient provides a personal virtual coaching experience that is

enabled through artificial intelligence.

Path Feel by Walk with Path UK): An active feedback insole that provides vibrational, or

haptic, feedback to the user during walking. This can aid people with diabetic neuropathy

in being able to feel the ground and achieve balance. Path Feel is a connected digital

solution and integrates data from the insole, which can be used to personalise and

enhance care.

xbird (Germany): Medical artificial intelligence software that analyzes micro-movements,

collected by smartphones and wearables worn by people with diabetes, and cross

references them with historical blood glucose data in order to predict and detect

potential hypo- and hyperglycaemic events. The solution creates actionable insights for

both doctors and patients.


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Verily and Dexcom are developing

miniaturized continuous glucose monitors

(CGM) to help people with Type 2 diabetes

better manage the condition. Verily and

Dexcom are focused on minimizing

the cost and size of CGM to enable

more people to control their diabetes

with timely, actionable information.

Verily is building miniaturized sensor

electronics on an adhesive patch to make

continuous monitoring less disruptive.

Smaller and more comfortable CGMs

may replace finger sticks in people with

Type 2 diabetes, and have the potential

to increase behavioural compliance and

adherence to treatment regimes.

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