Spirit Healthcare, Chris Barker, Leicester, Empower


with more of it accessible online including

information on topics such as sexual

health as it's an age range that needs

slightly more tailored education than other

age groups.

Future plans

Spirit Healthcare has launched revised

versions of its CareSens Dual meter range

for those testing either blood glucose or

ketones and in the near future it will bring

out revised version of its Tee2 meter. This

will include Bluetooth capability that will

mean the meter can 'talk' to Spirit's digital

technology solutions, Activ8rlives and

Clini-Touch Vie. The latter covers diabetes

but also other conditions such as heart

conditions and respiratory disease.

Says Barker, "Our mission is to

help more than 1 million patients per

annum. We want to help the nation to

be healthier and happier while retaining

Spirit's family feel; our staff genuinely

care about what they do and about the

company. The idea is that through these

technologies we can support individuals

to help manage their health better, but

at a lower cost than having HCPs visit

the home environment. People can be

at home but still be monitored. They

are more comfortable in their home

environment yet can still be cared for,

saving the NHS money in the long run.

Our aim is to get the right product into

the hands of the right person at the

right time, then keep providing quality

information to them to keep them

engaged and give them the best chance

of the best outcome."


top, an Empower class takes

on the knowledge. Above, one

of the company's devices, an

Insujet, a needle-free delivery

device in lime green. Right, one

of the children's images of what

they came up with when they

doodled about 'healthcare'.



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