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Middle Eastern cuisine in the UK is

becoming increasingly popular, as people

recognise just how healthy it is. It uses very

little oil, is big on pulses, fresh vegetables,

fish and lean cuts of lamb and chicken,

which is usually grilled.

Kookoo Seafood and Grill in Surbiton

was recently named Best Middle

Eastern Restaurant in the UK at the

inaugural Asian Restaurant Awards held

in March 2018 and sponsored by the

Asian Catering Federation (ACF), which

represents the country's 30,000 ethnic

restaurants, the awards were open to

Bangladeshi, Burmese, Chinese, Filipino,

Indian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean,

Malaysian, Middle Eastern, Singaporean,

Sri Lankan, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese

If you like a little nibble every now and

then but would like to choose a sensible

option, then new brand I Love Snacks

might fill the gap. Now available in outlets

across the UK, I Love Snacks nutritious

credentials include being low calorie,

a good source of protein, gluten and

GMO free, high in fibre to keep you fuller

for longer and suitable for vegetarians

restaurants and takeaways

An independent, family-run restaurant,

led by restaurateur Kamran Abtahi,

Kookoo has established a reputation for

its healthy dishes, produced from scratch,

using fresh quality ingredients and skilled

marinating. The judges noted, "Classic

Persian dishes given a modern gourmet

twist, Kookoo builds on a rich culinary

tradition that absorbed influences from

its neighbours, then exported them to

northern Indian as the Mughal Empire

expanded eastwards. Subtle touches,

using light marinades and delicate spices,

don't overpower the food, allowing the

natural flavours to shine through. Healthy

eating at its best."

and vegans. There are no preservatives

and no added sugars in the fruit. There

are five flavours to choose from: natural

Italian Olives (30g packet has 0.3g carbs);

smoked Almonds; dehydrated mango

(25g packet has 20g carbs, 15g of which

are natural sugars), dehydrated baby

pineapple, and 70% Cocoa Dark Belgian

Chocolate (22g packet has 6.7g carbs,

5.7g of which sugars). The olives come

from Italy, mango and pineapple from

Thailand, almonds from California and the

chocolate from Belgium.

See the Making Carbs Count featu

rich hommous recipe from Koo Koo


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