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The University of Leicester joined a

community group in Leicester to help

fight diabetes. Members of the Dawoodi

Bohra Community organised a diabetes

awareness walk in Victoria Park in March.

The aim was to raise £25,000 working in

association with the University, as well as

with Silver Star, Diabetes UK, Leicester

Diabetes Centre and the Diabetes Village.

Dr Murtaza Salem, Honorary Lecturer in

Cardiovascular Sciences at the University

and Vascular Surgery Specialist Registrar

at Leicester's Hospitals, was one of the

organisers of the event. He said: "Our

community in Leicester is small but we

are keen to make a difference to the

country and community we live in. This

is one of our many projects to increase

awareness about diabetes. The diabetes

walk was a multi-faith, cross-community

event for everyone from Leicester and

further afield and there was widespread

support from different faith communities

including Christian, Sikh, Hindu, Muslim,

and Jewish communities."

Professor Davies CBE, Professor of

Diabetes Medicine at the University of

Leicester and Co-Director of the Leicester

Diabetes Centre, said: "The diversity

of Leicester is something we celebrate

and embrace. It is because of this that

our multi-cultural city is part of a global

campaign to improve the prevention

and management of Type 2 diabetes.

We are passionate about improving the

health of our community and promoting

physical activity, and walking is a really

WALKING THE TALK IN LEICESTER important and practical initiative for all of

our communities. The Cities Changing

Diabetes programme is a partnership

programme initiated by Novo Nordisk in

response to the dramatic rise and link

between diabetes and urbanisation. We

will work with stakeholders and other

member cities to drive up awareness,

education and treatment across our city."

Dawoodi Bohras mostly originate from

the North West Indian state of Gujarat.

The Diabetes Innovation Challenge has

been put together by JDRF, ADA and T1D

Exchange. What is going to be the next

step in diabetes treatment? This global

competition set out to do a world of good.

Which innovation stands to improve the

lives of those affected by diabetes? The

fact is that you can help to decide. Voting

is open and ends on 19 May (link at end).

Rachel Connor is UK Director of

Research Partnerships for the Type 1

diabetes charity JDRF. She says, "In the

past five years, we've seen more progress

in Type 1 diabetes research than in the

previous 50 years before that. The key

has been identifying genuinely innovative

approaches to the challenges Type 1

diabetes presents. That's why it's great to

see the finalists announced for the 2018

Diabetes Innovation Challenge."

T1D Exchange held the first Diabetes

Innovation Challenge in 2016 born from a

need recognized throughout all aspects of

their work - the need to find, support and

accelerate new ideas that will become

the next decade of innovation to improve

life for people living with diabetes. T1D

Exchange is a Boston-based nonprofit

organization dedicated to accelerating

therapies and improving care in Type 1

diabetes. In the 2016 Diabetes Innovation

Challenge, Sproutel was chosen as the

People's Choice Winner. Their product

- a teaching teddy bear tool for children

with Type 1 diabetes - got tremendous

exposure and made important

connections to help them get distribution

for this teaching tool.





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