patient quality of life


He continued, "Using blood glucose

numbers or improved glycaemic control

as outcome measures is too limited.

Patient quality of life can be a better

predictor of diabetes control than other

measures. For example, patients can

provide insights that doctors running

trials, for example, can often miss. Early

and continuous patient feedback is crucial

for us to develop and employ the most

effective strategies that can improve QOL

and improved blood glucose control.

The introduction of a continuous glucose

monitor might lead in the short term

to improvements in glycaemic control.

However, the initial data overload can be

very distressing for patients, so changes in

quality of life might not become apparent

until far later in comparison to changes in

blood glucose levels. We must consider

patient experience feedback and quality

of life data to be as important as HbA1c


A wider range of allowed parameters

has the scope to improve healthcare.

In a report, "Shift from target range to

proportion in range" published in Diabetic

Medicine, a publication from Diabetes UK,

authored by by doctors Amiel, Choudhary

and Sivasubramaniyam at Kings College

Hospital, in which the proportion of daily

blood test readings between 4 and 10

mmol/l in people achieving different HbA1c

levels were evaluated. They concluded

that participants achieving an HBA1c

reading less than 7.5% had 60% of blood

test readings in range (4-10 mmol/l), with

up to 30% of readings greater than 10

mmol/l. They determined that this target

of achieving 60% or more readings within

target, and being permissive with up to

30% readings above 10 mmol/l may be

a novel target for people with diabetes,

and may reduce anxiety associated with

readings out of range.

Choudhary explains, "What we hear

all the time at clinic is that diabetes is a

rollercoaster. People do all they can - eat

the same thing at the same time everyday

and still get blood glucose variations. And

clinics too are held to ransom by their own

HbA1c averages across the whole patient

base, and that can obviously include all

sorts of differences in control. Patients

feel judged by, or judge themselves, by

this number. The HbA1c measurement

has been around quite a while, but it's

continuous glucose monitoring that is

showing up the limitations of the HbA1c,

which is basically just a summary of control

over a three-month period. An HbA1c

result that is deemed to be good can

hide problems. Someone with an HbA1c

What gets measured gets




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