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My HbA1c is the

best it's ever been,

which is great in

terms of preventing



This suspends the delivery of insulin if the

CGM senses my blood glucose is going

down, so I don't get woken up any more.

Nor do I get the rebound highs that I used

to get after having a hypo. I wake up on

a 'normal' sugar level. Beyond that, my

HbA1c is the best it's ever been, which

is great in terms of preventing long-term


The improved control that Green has

gained has been noticed by her husband.

She says, "He's noticed a real difference

and says that I'm more relaxed and my

moods don't swing as much. In actual

fact dealing with my diabetes is more

relaxed now."

General Practice

Green's career to date has been as a

clinical pharmacist. She laughs when

she says that she'd really wanted to do

medicine but couldn't deal with the sight

of blood, yet she is now studying to be a

GP. She says, "Cut knees, blood samples,

I found them just dreadful would faint.

But when I decided I really did want to

do medicine properly I also decided I had

to just get on with it. After all, I was okay

doing my own blood tests. Initially I did

faint, but thanks to repeated exposure, I

can now handle the sight of blood, which

is just as well!"

Green is also involved with the Type

1 charity JDRF, where she does the

occasional talk. She says, "I find that

this helps me to deal with my diabetes.

It's good and when I meet with other

people with diabetes I learn about their

experiences and that helps me to better

engage with my own diabetes."

To read more about Green's advice to

anyone thinking about going on an insulin

pump, changing supplier of their insulin

pump, or trying continuous glucose

monitoring for the first time, click HERE.



Normal life for Green

includes trail running (which

is not normal for everyone!),

and this year she is running

in the Virgin Money London

Marathon. She says, "This

year marks 25 years of my

having Type 1 diabetes. It

hasn't been an easy ride,

with plenty of ups and downs

over the years, and sport

was no exception. I often

struggled with hypos and

still battle to ensure my blood

sugars are optimal to train

and compete. Completing

the marathon will be my

toughest challenge to date.

Our aim is to raise valuable

funding for prevention and

early detection of Type 1

diabetes and prove to other

newly diagnosed diabetics

that this is not a limiting


*DKA is diabetic ketoacidosis, a serious

condition resulting from continued

uncontrolled high blood glucose levels.


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