hypoglycaemia, hyperglycaemia, time in range


research to outcomes to quality of life."

The Consensus Report was produced

by a Steering Committee which reviewed an

extensive body of literature and considered

input from researchers, industry and people

with diabetes to develop identify and define

clinically meaningful ways to measure

outcomes beyond HbA1c in people with

T1D. Consensus definitions were created

for hypoglycaemia, hyperglycaemia, time

in range (proportions of time in glucose

target ranges during continuous glucose

monitoring) and diabetic ketoacidosis


The report also addressed patientreported

outcomes (PROs) and the

need for further research on how

best to measure these outcomes,

but emphasized that HbA1c remains

an important measure. The newly

standardized definitions of these clinical

additional outcomes are meant to provide

supplemental methods of capturing a

more comprehensive understanding of

how interventions might affect the health

of people with diabetes.

One step beyond

Health-related quality of life (HRQOL) is

an important area of investigation that

has gained increasing recognition and is

a critical element of diabetes research,

treatment and care. According to experts

who attended a symposium, Beyond

A1C - Why Quality of Life Matters, in

June 2016 at the ADA's 76th annual

conference, diabetes treatment and

care often focuses on measurable goals,

such as maintaining target blood glucose

levels. Lawrence Fisher, PhD, Professor

Emeritus, Department of Family and

Community Medicine at the University of

California, San Francisco said at the event,

"It's important for healthcare providers to

take into account patients' quality of life

(QOL), which is more difficult to measure,

yet can greatly impact outcomes."



The national average for HbA1cs for

Type 1 diabetics is 8.1%, which means

that the vast majority of diabetics do

not hit the NICE guideline of 6.5%.

In a survey that went out to our

readers in May 2017, one question

was about HbA1c, "What do you think

about HbA1c as a measure of your

diabetes control," this is what you told

us: 10% : I do not really understand

what it is

36.2% : I take notice as it is a good

indicator of my diabetes control

37.5% : I take notice but only as

part of my overall diabetes control

(15% did not answer, les than 1%

said they did not care).

And of those who replied to the

survey, when asked what their HBA1c

was, the following was revealed:

4-6 mmols - 6.3%;

6-8mmols - 41%;

8-10mmols 17.3%.

continued over


Glycaemic Outcomes Beyond A1c: Consensus on Measuring

What Matters: https://diatribe.org/

ADA Consensus Report entitled, Outcome Measures Beyond

HbA1C for Type 1 Diabetes: http://care.diabetesjournals.

Claresa Levetan's article: http://bit.ly/claresa_levetan

Click the image to download the full survey.


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