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continued over

research teams into innovative ways to

treat their patients from a distance. Even

though social-distancing regulations are

now being lifted, the demand for remote

care (telemedicine) is certain to grow."

Creator of the world wide web Tim

Berners-Lee, writinig in an article for

The Guardian, that "Covid-19 makes

it clearer than ever: access to the internet

should be a universal right." He continued,

"The Alliance for Affordable Internet,

an initiative of the World Wide Web

Foundation, which was the foundation

that I co-founded with Rosemary

Leith, has outlined urgent actions that

governments and companies should

take to provide this lifeline to more people

as quickly as possible. We keep in touch

with loved ones via computer screens

in ways we couldn't have imagined only

three months ago, while the crisis has

spawned myriad coping mechanisms -

from a boom in online quizzes, art classes

and workouts to a golden age for memes.

And while many of us are cooped up

indoors, we have seen examples of

great collective endeavour and support:

communities coming together to help

each other and the most vulnerable,

albeit keeping 2m apart."

Getting connected

One of the companies in the diabetes

arena that accelerated its plans to

increase the number of 'remote pump

starts' it could do is Medtronic. David

Turner, Medtronic's HCP Market

Development Manager Diabetes UK &

Ireland explain what's happened. "At

Medtronic we recognise how, in light

of the current situation and the strict

Covid-19 measures taken in the UK and

Ireland, that many training sessions for

people living with T1 diabetes had been

cancelled. We also recognised that you

and your HCP still needed support fwith

regards to our diabetes devices and

technology. Therefore, Medtronic has

established 'Stay Connected Clinics',

our new remote, virtual service. Through

collaboration with your healthcare teams,

we are now offering virtual appointments

for those who require access and training

for our products and services. To access

this service your hospital or health

board will sign a contract to ensure that

your data is transferred to Medtronic (in

compliance with GDPR).

"It means that we can provide

this service for those who are new to

Medtronic technology as well as existing

users and we have two options. The first

option is when your HCP is present during

your training; the second option does

not require your HCP to be present. It's

your choice. Training is provided by your

Medtronic Technical Consultant.

"The programme has been created

with your safety in mind and offers technical

training on Medtronic diabetes devices

and technology. The appointments use

tailored training materials for each session

with knowledge checks along the way

to support your learning. We also have

a range of support materials, such as

'getting started' guides, product manuals

and You Tube videos. Each session is

supported by a lesson-plan detailing

learning objectives to ensure you get all

the support you need. Training checklists

and settings sheets can be completed

by the Technical Consultant and sent

to your HCP after the appointment, as

confirmation the training has taken place."

The following products are supported

by the Stay Connected Clinics: MiniMed

640G pump only or 640G with CGM;

MiniMed 670G pump only or 670G with

CGM; Mio Advance Infusion sets;

Guardian Connect CGM.

Click and wait

Most people on Medtronic products are

used to ordering supplies from its online

shop. In this area the company has also

put in some additional improvements to

the service during lockdown. It is now

using UPS Track and Trace for home

deliveries. Turner continues, "Medtronic is

always looking to improve our customer

experience, and we understand how

important it is for you to have visibility of

your shipments. This is why this month

we have launched a new Track and Trace

service with UPS for all home deliveries in

the United Kingdom."

Once a shipment has left Medtronic and

is received by UPS, you will receive a

notification from UPS by email. If we don't

have your email, the system will look

for a phone number and send an SMS.

The notification from UPS will provide

a tracking number and a link to allow

you to track the status of the shipment

along its journey, so you have the most

up to date information on when you will

receive your supplies. You can sign up

for the app, UPS My Choice, to change/

reschedule delivery time or to re-route to

an alternative address or UPS Access

Point. Anyone currently registered need

not make any changes or take any action.

Register for UPS My Choice by clicking

UPS My Choice.

Medtronic's David Turner.


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