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Following on from the news that

Animas is to exit the insulin pump

market globally, our report looks

at options for current users, with

a list of resources. P.12.

Sue Marshall

There's been a bit of a froth in

foodie circles recently with a focus

on fermeted foods. An ancient art,

it's making a comeback due to its

healthy attributes. P.24.

Anyone keen on a pain-free lancing device will want to look at the

KIT page, p.8, where we've also wangled a discount code on the

item. Speaking of kit, Josh Golding smashes it, keeping a career on

the tennis courts going while taking his diabetes in his stride. He talks about his

diabetes kit on p.24. Anyone interested in insulin pump delivery devices may wish

to read the feature on p.12 where there is an update on Animas exiting the UK

and Irelend to see how that affects the lay of the land. There are two food-related

reports and the regular Making Carbs Count feature. There's a report on how our

hassled, hustling lifestyles are comprimising how we eat, with proof that we're

most of us likely to misjudge calorie counts (not just carbs!) and upselling ("would

you like fries with that?' isn't helping (even if they are amusingly being referred to as

'snaccidents'. Then there's a report on the new fad for fermented foods, except it's

not a fad, and it's not new, as it turns out. You can ferment a whole heap of things,

but in this issue we look mainly at fermented tea (kombusha) on p.24 and milk

(kefir) in Making Carbs Count on p.28. The good news is that what may seem a bit

weird and wacky is in fact worth proper consideration. I hope you enjoy this issue.

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Semi-pro tennis player and coach

Josh Golding talks about his sporting

life with diabetes and his tactics for

on-court control of his blood sugars

as well as his game. P.16.



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