My Diabetes Kit Josh Golding, Accu-Chek Nano blood test meter, Type 1 diabetes



Diagnosed with Type 1

diabetes at the age of

eight, Josh Golding

had been having

some problems at

school, needing to go to the loo a lot,

feeling very tired and having problems


Looking back, the 25-year old says,

"My Gran did a bit of research and said to

me, 'You should get tested for diabetes'.

We rang our local GP and a doctor and a

nurse came round and tested my blood,

then they came back again later and did

it again. Then they told me straight away

that they thought I had type I diabetes. I

didn't go into hospital, a nurse came over

to show us how to do injections at the

time I remember thinking that the needles

were terrifying and I cried and ran out of

the room.

"My dad said, 'You've got it, you need

to accept it and start to deal with it.' I wake

up every day and say that to myself, and

I try to keep learning as it helps me feel

empowered. My dad's a businessman,

so he can be fairly blunt about things.

My mum was a little more anxious. She

made sure that things like biscuits were

to hand should I have a low blood sugar.

I now think that my whole family eats

quite healthily and I'm sure it's partly due

to the experience of living with diabetes

and having to know so much about food.

I ended up learning a lot about the best

foods for people with diabetes, especially


in relation to doing sports. I was already

playing tennis by that time and I decided

to push myself further with sport and be

successful at it."

Things got back to normal at school

for Golding until he was about 12 or 13,

when he says he was bullied a bit. He says,

"Some of the kids had seen me testing

and they called me names, like 'needle

boy'. Looking back it was all a bit silly and

I'm sure they just didn't understand what

I was doing, but experiencing that has

helped me to push myself so that now I

try to educate people about what it's like

to live with the condition."

Golding started playing tennis at the

age of six, so he had some knowledge

of the sport when he was diagnosed and

started having lessons from the age of

10. By the time he was in his early teens

he was starting to take it more seriously.

He started working at a tennis coaching

academy in Welwyn Garden City when

he was 15, living there during the week

Golding likes his Nano as he says, "It's small and easy to

carry around a very simple to use."


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