Ascensia Contour Diabetes blood test meters

Order the CONTOUR®NEXT ONE meter for FREE*

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Diabetes management is about to be

seen in a new light. The Contour®Next ONE

smart meter seamlessly connects to the

Contour®Diabetes App to capture remarkably

accurate blood glucose readings. This new

system allows you to easily log daily activities to

help you understand how they affect your blood

glucose and manage your diabetes, smarter.


Seeing how everyday activities

affect my blood glucose.

That's illuminating.


In this offer, Contour®NEXT ONE meters are free to the first 50 responses. One meter per person. UK residents only. Meter fulfillment within 56 days,

subject to availability. You are entitled, along with your healthcare professional to discuss, which meter, if any, is right for you.

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Available to download from

the 18th October 2016


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